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Planned Giving Consulting Services for Donors

PG Calc’s many consultants frequently make their expertise available directly to individuals interested in exploring the possibility of arranging a planned gift for the benefit of one or more charitable organizations.  Even though in some cases our fees are paid by donors themselves (or by their legal or financial advisors), far more often a charity will engage PG Calc to provide consulting services to donors and their advisors at no charge to them.

Depending on the circumstances, contact takes place by phone, by electronic or postal correspondence, and/or in person.  Our consultants:

●          ask about each donor’s charitable, financial, and personal/family objectives;
●          gather information regarding his or her particular situation;
●          analyze what is learned; and
●          present whatever giving options appear to be appropriate.

Such presentations range from basic conceptual summaries to detailed written illustrations.  PG Calc then typically works as part of a team to help complete any gift a donor decides to pursue.

Our involvement augments – but does not supplant – the role played by a donor’s advisors.  PG Calc and its charity clients encourage all donors to secure their own independent legal, tax, and financial guidance in connection with any contemplated charitable gift.



"Much of the success of our charitable gift annuity program can be traced back to PG Calc's expertise and support. Our donors don't know PG Calc, all they know is we address their concerns quickly and accurately. We know PG Calc is behind the scenes helping make it possible."

Andy Mantione
Director of Planned Giving
Our Lady of Victory Homes for Charity