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Program Evaluation
Getting the most out of your planned giving program

Organizations with active planned giving programs often call upon us to analyze and evaluate their programs – reviewing policies and procedures, identifying strengths and weaknesses, examining marketing materials, improving donor prospecting techniques, streamlining the proposal preparation process, and much more.

Our deliverables in this particular area often include: 

  • Risk analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Program assessments
  • Program audits

Risk analysis
Risk analysis is the process of evaluating the health of your program, and in particular, identifying problem gifts. It’s not uncommon for us to spend considerable time doing risk evaluations for organizations for the purpose of answering the question: “To what extent are our gifts likely to result in positive remainders for our charity?” By helping you address problem gifts, we can reduce your overall risk. What’s more, the analysis we do provides information to help you avoid problems in the future.

Many risk analysis requests are the result of concerns about gift annuity portfolios. Learn more about our annuity-specific risk audits.

If organizations are curious about how they stack up against others with similar profiles, we can provided accurate benchmarks. We’ll evaluate your performance against both peers of your size in your industry and your own potential given your unique set of circumstances.

Program assessments
Increase the effectiveness of your existing program to enable it to reach its full potential. Our program assessments focus on internal operations, outbound marketing efforts, and interaction with donors. Regardless of the size of your program or how long it’s been underway, our experts will help you fine tune it for the best results.

Program audits
The stability of a planned giving or gift annuity program can be greatly enhanced when strengths and weaknesses are identified. We provide program audits that will evaluate programs already underway, enabling you to minimize risks, increase effectiveness, and maximize benefits.


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