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Program Support
Meeting donors’ objectives and closing gifts

Whether your planned giving program is brand new or well established, it's often worthwhile to bring in experts to help you develop, evaluate, or optimize your capabilities. We’ve developed a wide range of service offerings to meet whatever needs you may have.

Our deliverables in this particular area often include:

  • Prospecting
  • Closing gifts
  • Designing cross-border gifts
  • Documenting  policies and procedures

Given the fact that resources are often limited, we encourage development professionals and planned giving officers to recognize that your time may be better spent on prospecting rather than on traditional marketing.

Marketing, by its very nature, is a wide-net process whose primary goal is lead generation. Prospecting, on the other hand, is a more targeted form of marketing. It involves working with your existing database to identify who your most likely planned gift prospects are and conducting targeted strategies to reach them. While the focus of prospecting is more narrow, its results are often more dramatic. In fact, this approach costs less, moves more quickly, and very often ultimately results in larger gifts.

Closing gifts
Gift completion is the end zone of planned giving. Getting there requires designing a gift that meets a donor’s charitable, financial, and personal objectives. In support of this goal, we work with your donors and their advisors to address whatever issues may arise. Indeed, collaborating with all relevant parties to arrange a gift  that meets everyone’s needs is a big part of what we do at PG Calc. We can play a unique role by providing an appropriate mix of knowledge, creativity, empathy, and objectivity.

Designing cross-border gifts
As the term suggests, a cross-border gift occurs either when a donor in one country makes a contribution to a charitable institution in another country or when a donor who lives in one country contributes property located in another country. We can educate charities and their donors regarding the tax implications of cross-border gifts, as well as assist with planning and completing them. We have substantial experience in gifts involving Canada and the United States.

Documenting policies and procedures
Policies and procedures are the backbone of every good program. Unfortunately, they are often either developed and then ignored, or not developed at all.  Policies are a set of guidelines that define the requirements to ensure that your organization only accepts gifts that are in its best interests, including policies on Gift Acceptance and Naming.

The right policies serve as filters that prevent you from accepting gifts you don’t understand and that could have unexpected consequences in terms of your accountability. When written well and understood by all involved parties, policies balance the interests of your organization with the interests of your donors and protect you from unwanted liability. That’s why we not only write policies, but train your staff on what they mean to the organization.

The right procedures in place means that all involved parties understand their roles in the process of planned giving. Role definition is more than a best practice – it is a prerequisite to a successful program. Procedures serve to insulate an organization from the negative consequences of staff turnover.



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