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Webinars - Planned Giving Insights and Expertise

PG Calc Webinars bring the skill and experience of the industry’s top practitioners to your office! PG Calc consultants and carefully selected guest presenters deliver the most up to date knowledge and insights on important gift planning topics. Here are just a few of the reasons why thousands of gift planners and their colleagues attend our Webinars each year:

  • Participate from wherever you wish. All you need is an internet connection!
  • One hour of formal presentation plus one half-hour for questions provides a golden opportunity to expand your knowledge and get your questions answered by an expert.
  • A detailed paper and a pdf of the presenter’s slides help you retain what you’ve learned.
  • CFRE and, in some cases, CFP continuing education credit. Learn more.
  • Each session costs just $95 per site. You can invite as many people as you want to attend with you for the same low price.

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2016 Monthly Webinar Schedule

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Gift Annuity Essentials
January 28
The Best - and Most Ignored - Source for New Planned Gifts
February 25
Harnessing the Power of the Bequest Challenge Match
March 31
Taxation Basics for Gift Planners
April 28
Negotiating Difficult Conversations
May 26
Gifts of Oil and Gas and Other Mineral Interests
June 30
Lead Trusts - What To Do and Not To Do
July 28
Seven Secrets of Successful Solicitations
August 25
Gift Planning in a Capital Campaign
September 29
Pros and Cons of Email Marketing of Planned Gifts
October 27
Bequests and Simple Bequest Alternatives
November 17
Annual Reporting Proccess in States that Regulate Gift Annuities
December 15

If the live presentation is not convenient for all of your colleagues, you have a few options:

  • Register for the event. If no one at your site joins the live presentation, you will automatically receive an A/V replay via email within approx. 24 hours for the live session. This replay will be good for up to two viewings.
  • Register for the event + CD recording. Purchasing the recording at the time of registration offers a $50 savings, and you will have the recorded presentation for reference and future trainings at your organization.
  • A final option is available for those who want only the recorded version. Webinar recordings are available for $150, starting approximately 2 weeks after each live session.

Fundamentals of Planned Giving Webinar Series
We are thrilled to be teaming up with Craig Wruck again in 2016 to offer his popular Fundamentals of Planned Giving course as a series of four weekly Webinars.

Widely-admired among gift planners for his ability to make gift planning concepts easy to grasp and focus on the essential elements, Craig will emphasize conceptual understanding with the goal of giving participants the confidence to explain planned giving concepts to prospective donors in a clear and convincing way. Learn more >>

Archived Webinars

Recordings of all past PG Calc Webinars are available for purchase. Each recording includes the audio and visual portions of the Webinar, as well as the handouts that were provided to attendees. Each recording includes approximately one hour of formal presentation followed by about a half-hour of answering questions from the live audience.

Webinars recorded in:

Private Live Webinars

Have you attended a PG Calc Webinar that you’d like to share with others? Our presenters are happy to repeat any of our Webinars exclusively for your audience.

Please contact Michael Heep at 888-474-2252 or for more information or to schedule your private Webinar.

Continuing Education Credit

Each Webinar is approved for 1.5 hours of CFRE Continuing Education points in Category 1.B - Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification. To apply for CFRE credit, after viewing the Webinar email your name (first and last name) and email address to Jennifer Wickham.

The Webinars listed below are also approved for 1.5 CFP* credits each. Prerequisite: None. Course level: Basic. Instructional method: Group-internet. You must attend the live Webinar to earn CFP points. To apply for CFP credit, after viewing the Webinar email your name (first and last name) and CFP number to Jennifer Wickham.

  • Gift Annuity Essentials
  • Harnessing the Power of the Bequest Challenge Match
  • Taxation Basics for Gift Planners
  • Negotiating Difficult Conversations
  • Gifts of Oil and Gas and Other Mineral Interests
  • Lead Trusts - What To Do and Not To Do
  • Annual Reporting Process in States that Regulate Gift Annuities
  • Bequests and Simple Bequest Alternatives

*Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, CFP® (with plaque design) and CFP® (with flame design) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements.

Individual Webinar Class Details

Gift Annuity Essentials
Gift annuities are the bread and butter life income plan offered by most charities that offer life income plans. This Webinar will focus on the basics of gift annuities, providing guidance in terms of the nature and function of gift annuities, common roles of gift annuities in a planned giving program, characteristics of a typical gift annuity prospect, and the responsibilities of an organization that incorporates gift annuities into its planned giving program.
Date: January 28
Presenter: Bill Laskin
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The Best - and Most Ignored - Source for New Planned Gifts
The best - and most ignored - source for new planned gifts exists in your own office files. How much do you know about your legacy society members' estate plans for your organization? What conversations have you had with donors who give from donor advised funds? Might donors with endowed funds be your next planned giving donors, and how should they be approached? How can you maximize gifts from life insurance policies in your files? There are opportunities to fund current initiatives by restructuring existing life income gifts. This webinar will discuss how to identify those gift opportunities that exist within your office files - and the steps you should be taking to parlay these opportunities into new gift commitments.
Date: February 25
Presenter: Mike Valoris
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Harnessing the Power of the Bequest Challenge Match
The ACLU and EDF have both used bequest challenges with great success to raise millions of dollars in additional known bequests. Using their own organizations as case studies, Mohammad and Mike will provide practical advice on how to create and implement a bequest challenge. They will address areas such as how to solicit funding for a match, different types of structures for a match, timing, marketing materials, training of staff, challenges organizations may face, and strategy for implementation.
Date: March 31
Presenters:Mohammad Zaidi, Director of Gift Planning, ACLU, and Michael Pohlmann, Campaign Strategist, Planned Parenthood of America
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Taxation Basics for Gift Planners
This presentation provides the basics of income tax and transfer taxes (gift taxes, estate taxes, generation skipping transfer taxes) with which every fundraiser with planned gift responsibility should be familiar. Also learn about the various tax benefits associated with charitable gifts and the factors that can affect these benefits.
Date: April 28
Presenter: Gary Pforzheimer
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Negotiating Difficult Conversations
Dealing with emotional donors. Handling conflict. Delivering bad news. You face challenging conversations every day in your work as a development professional. Managing these conversations effectively is a core competency for effective relationship management. In this presentation, Michele Gravelle will share with you why some of your most important conversations are so hard and tools for handling them with less stress and better results. Her presentation will be based on concepts found in the book “Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most” produced by the Harvard Negotiation Project, a group Michele has worked with for 20 years.
Date: May 26
Presenter: Michele Gravelle, Consultant, Triad Consulting Group

Gifts of Oil and Gas and Other Mineral Interests
As drilling technologies have made significant breakthroughs, oil and gas production has increased dramatically in the U.S. over the past decade, allowing production in states where none existed previously. Approximately thirty-two states now realize substantial mineral production each year, creating opportunities for philanthropy that were not formerly available. This presentation will provide an overview of the basic types of mineral interests and equip gift planners to effectively cultivate and close gifts of oil and gas interests and other mineral interests.”
Date: June 30
Presenter: Joe Hancock, VP & General Counsel, Baptist Foundation of Texas
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Lead Trusts - What To Do and Not To Do
Lead trusts offer wealthy individuals the opportunity to pass assets to their heirs at substantial tax savings while providing immediate benefits to one or more charities they care about. What's more, the very low monthly IRS discount rate has made lead trusts especially appealing during the last several years. The Fed is poised to start raising interest rates, however, creating some urgency to turn lead trust prospects into lead trust donors.

You may have only a few legitimate lead trust prospects in your pool of supporters, but it takes only one to make a big difference to your organization. In this Webinar, we will briefly cover the basics of how a lead trust works, and then focus on what to look for in a lead trust prospect, what information a lead trust prospect and his or her advisors will find most helpful, and what questions to anticipate. Our discussion will be informed by the experience of advisors and gift planners who have been involved in the creation of numerous lead trusts.
Date: July 28
Presenter: Jeff Lydenberg
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Seven Secrets of Successful Solicitations
If you want a gift, you have to ask for it! But that's easier said than done: people consistently rate asking for money at the top of the list of things they fear most. Whether you're an experienced solicitor looking for some new strategies, or new to the game and seeking help, this session will explore the art of asking for a gift. We'll review seven separate step-by-step strategies for building the strongest possible major and planned gift solicitations. Once you learn the principles behind effective asking, you can start to craft stronger and better solicitations that bring in more gifts. Throughout this talk, you will hear examples of more than thirty specifically worded solicitations to help you understand exactly how to put these principles into practice.
Date: August 25
Presenter: Anne Melvin, Director of Training and Education, Alumni Affairs & Development, Harvard University

Gift Planning in a Capital Campaign
The University of Pennsylvania completed its recent “Making History” campaign with gifts of more than 4.3 billion dollars, surpassing the original goal of 3.5 billion dollars more than a year early. In this session, we will focus on the lessons learned about gift planning in a capital campaign - highlighting the issues and strategies for effectively incorporating gift planning into your capital campaign and more broadly into your development program. Attendees will leave with specific ideas and solutions for gift acceptance, counting and recognition, fostering donor participation, and increasing collaboration among development colleagues. We will examine performance metrics and other measurements designed to influence behavior and quantify results (including examples from Penn and Penn Medicine).
Date: September 29
Presenter: Lynn Ierardi, Director of Gift Planning, University of Pennsylvania

Annual Reporting Process in States that Regulate Gift Annuities
Of the states that require registration to issue gift annuities, 15 also require some sort of annual filing. Whether you are already registered or anticipate doing so, it's important to understand what is involved in the ongoing reporting. However, equally important is keeping track of deadlines and creating a system for preparing the filings each year. This webinar will provide you with both specific information on requirements and helpful hints on managing the annual filing process.
Date: October 27
Presenter: Edie Matulka

Bequests and Simple Bequest Alternatives
In the majority of planned giving programs, bequest gifts account for 75%-80% of all planned gifts, and in some cases approach 100%. In addition, there are gifts by beneficiary designation, a small but growing part of estate gifts. This webinar will briefly describe the types of bequest gifts and beneficiary designations and why they are attractive to both donors and charities. It then will explore the best way to make each gift, special considerations to keep in mind, and pitfalls to avoid. With an understanding of the how's and why's, the stage will then be set for a discussion on ways to talk with your donors about these types of gifts and help them to take action on their best-of-gift intentions.
Date: November 17
Presenter: Mike Valoris

Pros and Cons of Email Marketing of Planned Gifts
Properly marketing your planned giving program today should not be limited to print direct mail and websites. There are new media to take advantage of in your marketing mix, email among them. But to employ email effectively in your marketing of planned gifts, you need to understand email's pros and cons and how best to use it. Done well, email marketing will help you build awareness with a new audience and reinforce your message with potential donors. In this Webinar, Andrew Palmer, PG Calc's Director of Marketing Services, will show you how to use email marketing to best advantage and discuss the pitfalls you will need to avoid along the way.
Date: December 15
Presenter: Andrew Palmer



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