Charitable Gift Annuity: The NYSARC, Inc. Charitable Gift Annuity program is regulated by the NYS Insurance Department and the annuity payment is determined by using rates promulgated by the American Council on Gift Annuities. The annuity is structured so that under a normal life expectancy half the initial gift amount will be retained by the charity; ninety percent (90%) of this residuum will be gifted to your local NYSARC, Inc. Chapter and ten percent (10%) will be used by NYSARC, Inc. for its corporate guardianship services.

Pooled Life Income Fund: Your gift is pooled in a fund with gifts from other donors. The beneficiary must be an individual with a developmental disability and receives your gift's share of the income the fund earns each year for life. At the death of the person receiving the benefits of the trust, the remainder reverts to NYSARC to be used to help other people.

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