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Meaningful and relevant content for professional advisors

PG Calc collaborates with (CPC) and Kallina & Associates, LLC, to offer the latest charitable, estate, and financial planning information to professional advisors as well as directly to gift planners. 

CPC provides flexible options to each non-profit client to support its reputation as a credible source of expertise within the industry.

Organizations can opt to:
  1. Send the weekly or monthly CPC Newsletter, intended to be branded and distributed to professional advisors as their own content
  2. Provide professional advisors access to the comprehensive Handbook, a definitive guide to the world of charitable planning
  3. Subscribe to daily and monthly Commentary for the use of professional staff members
  4. Retrieve articles, court cases, Internal Revenue Code and Federal Regulations, IRS pronouncements, and more from the extensive Library
  5. Provide access to constantly updated content on their own websites
  6. Get the best value out of the CPC Pro Package which includes Commentary, Handbook, Calculations, and Library

Outreach to the Professional Advisor

The Newsletter helps organizations connect with and educate the community of professional advisors and keep those professionals current in an ever-changing industry.

Every week on Friday and one time per month, CPC will send you an email that contains a mixture of relevant articles, case studies, current events and/or speeches & outlines, as well as introduction summary.  This content is available to your organization to brand, edit, and forward to the professional advisors of your choice.

A definitive guide to the world of charitable planning for the novice and the expert alike, the Handbook contains up-to-date information on industry-related law and resources.

The Handbook is an overview of charitable tax law, containing 14 searchable chapters, as well as access to the Glossary and personal bookmarking.

Unlike traditional print guides, the digital Handbook can be updated regularly, delivering the latest content to you at all times during your subscription.

Support for the Gift Planner

Access to Commentary allows organizations to search the online glossary of over 400 words, save specific commentary for later, and organize commentary in personalized research folders. Commentary allows you to stay up-to-date with the industry – it is provided almost every day on the CPC website but can also be delivered by email if you elect it.

The Library is a comprehensive and ever-growing collection of full-text, public-domain documents from an extensive array of governmental and other public sources, kept current daily by our proprietary technology. Our tools allow you to save and organize documents for later reading, or to alert you to newly added documents which meet your specified criteria. Our search engine allows you to narrow your search by date and/or by document type(s).

The library includes the full-text of court cases, Internal Revenue Code and Federal Regulations, IRS pronouncements, and congressional legislation.

To keep content current, CPC created download scripts that identify any new public domain documents and pull those documents into the system. These scripts are run multiple times per day.

Best Value: CPC Pro Package

CPC Pro is a package of four products: Commentary, Handbook, Calculations and Library.  

About Kallina & Associates, LLC
Established in 1982, Kallina & Associates, LLC is a nationally recognized law firm focusing on federal tax law, estate planning, and charitable giving.



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