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Start a Planned Giving Program

If you’re beginning to think a planned giving program could make a significant contribution to your organization’s mission, we’d say you’re right to have such high expectations..

Planned giving programs have contributed to the success of thousands upon thousands of nonprofit organizations that understand that just as the program provides critical, often long-term financial support to them, it also provides a way to help their donors address a range of charitable and financial goals.

At PG Calc, our gift planning consultants offer you step-by-step guidance to get your program up and running – including helping you evaluate donor potential, securing board approval, developing policies and budgets, recruiting a staff, initiating a marketing outreach program, and more.

Our range of services includes the following:

  • Defining an appropriate scope for your program
  • Helping you establish goals and metrics for measuring success
  • Securing buy-in at the Board and staff levels
  • Developing policies and budgets
  • Recruiting and training your staff
  • Selecting the appropriate software to support the program
  • Identifying prospects
  • Evaluating donor potential
  • Creating a marketing plan and tactical implementation strategies
  • Generating proposals and completing gifts
  • Serving as a liaison between you and your donors’ advisors
  • Managing the gift administration process

By the way, if your institution doesn’t have dedicated planned giving personnel, our consultants can complement your existing staff, providing support for you in areas such as making presentations, responding to donor inquiries, preparing financial illustrations, and facilitating gifts.

For more information and pricing parameters, please call PG Calc toll-free at 888-497-4970 or send us an email.


"PG Calc is Bank Street's map to the treasure of planned giving."

Barbara Morgan
Director of Planned Giving
Bank Street College of Education