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Client Referral Program
Save $250 on your next product, annual service fee, or training

All it takes is a referral from you to PG Calc. If your referral purchases a qualifying product or service from PG Calc, you will receive a credit of $250.

Current clients may contact PG Calc with information about a potential PG Calc customer (organization name, contact name, and contact data) or instruct their referral to contact PG Calc directly. Clients should also notify us if the prospect has requested special contact conditions, including that the prospect does not want PG Calc to contact them directly.

Unless instructed otherwise, PG Calc will contact the prospect, and if the prospect buys any PG Calc product or service, the referring client will receive a coupon good for $250 off their next product purchase, service, or training invoice.

All clients with current service for any PG Calc product or service are eligible to participate in PG Calc’s Client Referral Program.


  • Any given prospect can be associated with only one client referral for the purposes of the program
  • Any given client can refer more than one prospect
  • Referrals are valid for a period of one year
  • The $250 credit must be used within one year after it is applied
  • The referred organization must purchase PG Calc products and/or services in the amount of $850 or higher to qualify the referring organization for the credit
  • The credit will be applied to the organizational account, not an individual
  • Program applies to prospective referrals only (i.e. no retroactive referrals for previous purchases)

Call PG Calc at 888-497-4970 or submit this form if you would like to refer PG Calc to a prospect:

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"The Omaha Home for Boys is very happy with PG Calc. We've been using the software for more than five years now, and if I had to boil it down to one aspect, I'd say PG Calc's client support is what the Home appreciates the most. Capability, client support, and price - as far as the Home is concerned, PG Calc is the top pick in all those areas. Thank you!" 

Todd Simpson
Director of Development
The Omaha Home for Boys