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PG Calc publishes the eRate, a monthly electronic newsletter, as a service to the planned giving community. The eRate contains the latest IRS discount rate, articles on planned giving topics, and information on PG Calc training, products and services.

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April 2017
A New Mindset for Gifts of Real Estate
PGM Clients Get PGM Anywhere Too!
An Underutilized Cultivation and Marketing Tool

March 2017
Taking The Temperature of Your Gift Annuity Program
Get A Qualified Appraisal Before Filing 1040 For 2016
Should You Be Concerned About USPS "Marketing Mail?"

February 2017
Asking For Money Back - Awkward!
PG Calc Solutions for Annual Compliance Reporting
Titles Speak Louder Than Copy

January 2017
Oh, Those Pesky Capital Gains!
Don't Tweak Those Gift Annuity Agreements
Six Email Myths You Should Know

December 2016
IRA Charitable Rollover Celebrates First Anniversary
ACGA Suggested Maximum Rates Remain Unchanged
The Year of Life Income Gifts

November 2016
Are You Ready for the End?
Did You Know PGM Anywhere Can Produce Custom Documents?
New PGM Anywhere and GiftWrap releases

October 2016
15 Tips on Getting More Donors to Read Your Emails
Why Print Will Never Die
When Only a CRAT Will Do

September 2016
To Retain or Not to Retain?
Is This a Good Time for Gift Annuities?
Extremely Low IRS Discount Rate Creates Opportunities and Challenges

August 2016
Unitization v. Fund Accounting
Projecting Future Income from Bequest Expectancies
Transforming Life Income Gits into Current Gifts

July 2016
How High Is the Sky?
Creating a Marketing Brief
The Key Ingredient to Email Marketing Success

June 2016
Meeting the Challenge of Raising More Planned Gifts
Latest PGM Anywhere Release
Keeping Up With the Marketing Times

May 2016
The Lure of Real Estate
How Do You Measure Your Marketing Program's Success?
GiftWrap 4.2.8 Released

April 2016
Why Websites Still Matter
Improving Markething Through Photos
Missed a PG Calc Webinar? Watch the Webinar Recording Instead

March 2016
Planned Giving In a Volatile Market
What Are Your Keystone Habits?
PGM 7.3 Release: PGM Incorporates 2016 Indexed Tax Table

February 2016
Your Best Donors Are Hiding in Plain Sight
Why Donor State and Governing Law State May Differ
Charitable IRA Rollover is Permanent - Do Your Donors Know?

January 2016
IRA Rollover Legislation Passed and Made Permanent
Gift Annuity Risk - Keeping On Your Toes
Webinar Schedule for 2016 Is Now Available

December 2015
What You Need To Know About IRAs and the "Charitable Rollover"
Year-End Planning
Latest GiftWrap Update

November 2015
Gift Annuity Programs: To Start, Re-Start, or Not to Start... These Are the Questions
Charitable Gift Annuity Marketing Survey Findings - Resources, Policies and Patterns
Recording a Death From Prior Years inGiftWrap 

October 2015
Year End Giving Messaging
20 Ideas for Marketing CGAs
Customize the Values in Your Website's Sample Annuity Rate Tables

September 2015
How to Get Volunteers Talking About Bequests
PG Calc Welcomes Mike Valoris to Consulting Team
How to Increase Your Planned Giving Leads

August 2015
Why Analytics for Planned Giving Saves Time and Raises More Money
How To Calculate Date-of-Death Values for Charitable Gift Annuities
The Results of Our Gift Annuity Marketing Survey

July 2015
Poof! Tax Concerns That Vanish with Gifts Made Upon Death
GiftCalcs Makes Online Calculations Even Easier
July Means FASB Liability and State Reserve Calculations

June 2015
Why Is the Discount Rate So Low? (And Does It Really Matter?)
PGM 7.2A Now Available Upon Request
GiftWrap Version 4.2.6 Released

May 2015
Gifts of Virtual Currency
Modeling Gifts Funded with a Mix of Stock and Cash
New Organization Formed to Promote Charitable IRA Rollover Legislation

April 2015
How Good IsThat Gift?
2012 IAR Table Update
PG Calc Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

March 2015
Deferred Gift Annuities - They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To
Compare Gifts Funded With Different Principal Amounts in
PGM 7.2 Released

February 2015
Picture This: Planned Giving Website Design Principles for 2015
New Mortality Table for Gift Annuity Reserve Liabilities
Prepare for the February 2nd 1099-R Mailing Deadline

January 2015
Flip Definitely Not a Flop: Popular Trust Turns Sweet 16
Quick Tip: Identity Theft, IRS Penalties, and Masking SSNs on 1099-Rs 
Status of the IRA Charitable Rollover

December 2014
Is Your Donor Too old?
2015 Webinar Schedule Announced
Quick Tip: How to Set Up Users in
PGM Anywhere

November 2014
Pity the Poor Pooled Income Fund
PGM Anywhere Released
GiftCalcs 2.0

October 2014
What to Do With That Life Insurance Policy Where Premiums Are Still Owed
Webinar Guest Presenters Receive High Marks
Move Your Planned Giving Program Forward in 10 Minutes

September 2014

Flexible Deferred Gift Annuities - Choices for the Baby Boomers
Administering Flexible Deferred Gift Annuities
Latest Version of Planned Giving for Canadians Now Available

August 2014
Terms of Endearment: CRTs for a term of years
Calculating FASB Liability with PG Calc
Optimize Your Fall Gift Annuity Mailing with BatchCalcs

July 2014
Peaceful Surrender: Charitable Contributions of Life Interests
Once Is Enough for CashTrac
Craig Wruck to Present Fundamentals of Planned Giving Webinars Starting July 16

June 2014
The Tax Man (Surely Will) Cometh
PG Calc Webinars Offer Affordable Staff Training
Latest ACGA Gift Annuity Survey Results Revealed at April Conference

May 2014
Surprise Gifts from Dead People
Your Donor’s Vote Counts
PG Calc Introduces PGM Anywhere at ACGA Conference

April 2014
Gift Annuities When the Donor Is Not the Annuitant
What's the Big Deal about the Donor's Cost Basis?
3 Easy Steps to Add Your Logo to PGM Presentation Headings

March 2014
Are Strong Markets Good News for Planned Giving?
Launching Today! PG Calc’s Marketing Services
Display Options When Printing or Saving GiftWrap Reports

February 2014
A Post-IRA Charitable Rollover Survival Guide
Showing the ACGA Rate Table Name is Optional for Most PGM Charts
Update: Wisconsin Gift Annuity Legislation and What It Means for Annual Reporting

January 2014
Undeserved Neglect: The Installment Bargain Sale
Correct ACGA Rate Table Automatically Selected When Recreating Old Gift Annuities
Preparing for Year-end Operations and Tax Reporting













"The Omaha Home for Boys is very happy with PG Calc. We've been using the software for more than five years now, and if I had to boil it down to one aspect, I'd say PG Calc's client support is what the Home appreciates the most. Capability, client support, and price - as far as the Home is concerned, PG Calc is the top pick in all those areas. Thank you!" 

Todd Simpson
Director of Development
The Omaha Home for Boys