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Spring 2016

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Finding the right gift for
you and your charity

Bob (age 67) and Mary (age 66) recently retired and moved to Estes Park from Wisconsin. Bob was a successful corporate manager and Mary taught school. Years ago they purchased a rental property in their home town. It is now fully depreciated and too far away to manage well. They would have a huge capital gain tax bill if they sold. They are charitably minded.

Bob and Mary learned from Estes Valley Legacy about a charitable remainder unitrust.

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More on Planned Giving

Donating Property

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Real estate comes in many forms. There
are residential properties such as houses, condominium units, vacation places, and apartment buildings.

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Income for you, support for your favorite charities

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Would you like to support your favorite charity, but are hesitant to do so because
of the current market uncertainties?

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About Us

Estes Valley Legacy is a planned gift education program operated collaboratively by the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center and eleven other leading Estes Valley nonprofit organizations for the benefit of their donors.

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