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The Leave A Legacy Campaign is in Full Swing!

Leave a Legacy is a one-year campaign push for Estes Valley Legacy. It was announced at the annual National Philanthropy Day event and will run through November 2019. The campaign goal is to secure or uncover 100 planned gifts that benefit Estes Valley nonprofits.

Potential gifts include bequests (80% of planned gifts are bequests, which give a certain percentage of one’s estate or a certain dollar amount to an organization), life insurance, securities (stocks, mutual funds), retirement assets, and real estate. Some gifts are made upon a person’s death, others can be initiated now.

The Estes Valley Legacy group is donor-centric, they help donors make informed decisions based on their own circumstances and charitable interests. Conversations with the planned gift educator are confidential and help steer potential donors to the right gift and the right professional to help make it happen.

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A Family Friendly Way to Make a Gift?

Grandson and Grandfather

There are ways to provide for your family, make a gift to Estes Valley and save taxes at the same time!

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Passing Your Values Along to Others

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As you ponder the legacy you’d like to leave, you’ll find you have many choices to make.

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About Us

Estes Valley Legacy is a planned gift education program operated collaboratively by the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center and sixteen other leading Estes Valley nonprofit organizations for the benefit of their donors.

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