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Gift Calculation Service

Why Use PG Calc?

PG Calc can provide the right calculations for your situation at a surprisingly affordable price.

We will work with you to help determine which calculations are appropriate.

PG Calc has all the latest IRS rules and industry information at our fingertips.

Available to Everyone
Even our software clients may need this service from time to time.

Call Us with Any Questions
There is no fee just for talking!



CGA proposals, CRT projections, or other deduction calculations$150/each*
Closing Documentation after Calculation$100/each*
Closing Documentation without prior Calculation$250/each*
Unusual or complex gift situations$195/hour
Proposal & Closing Documentation (including agreement)$250/each*

*If this gets overly complex, it will move to the next rate of $195/hour.


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Not sure about our Gift Calculation Service? Give us a call to discuss, or send us an email message using the address support@pgcalc.com. We’re always happy to hear from you!
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