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PG Calc eRate Newsletters

2019 eRate Newsletters

October 2019

  • Year-End Marketing Ideas
  • Quick Tip: PGM Anywhere Performs All the Gift Annuity Termination Calculations You May Need
  • PGM Anywhere and GiftWrap Updates Released
  • PG Calc Is Hiring!


September 2019

  • Donor Decisions Affected by Itemizing
  • Quick Tip: How to Save Your PGM Anywhere Work Wherever You Want
  • BatchCalcs Will Make Your Gift Annuity Mailing More Compelling

August 2019

  • Tax Aspects of Gift Annuities
  • Quick Tip: What's This? Saving Calculations and Proposals in PGM
  • Marketing Corner: Measuring Planned Giving Progress
  • Help Gift Planners Everywhere: Complete the CGA Program Best Practices Survey

July 2019

  • Is Direct Mail Marketing Dead?
  • Quick Tip: Recording Deaths from Prior Years in GiftWrap
  • Marketing Corner: A Different Way to Think About Gift Planning Marketing Metrics


June 2019

  • Qualified Charitable Distributions as Part of a Blended Gift Proposal
  • Quick Tip: Customize Your Default Email Text in PGM Anywhere
  • New PGM Anywhere Release Offers Designer Proposals Module and Much More

May 2019

  • Now That the Dust Has Settled (Investments and Life Income Gifts After 2018)
  • Quick Tip: Calculating the Charitable Deduction for an Addition to a CRUT
  • Take Action on Gift Annuity State Registration

April 2019

  • Fixed Payment Life Income Options: The Gift Annuity vs. the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
  • Quick Tip: Verify Your GiftWrap Data
  • Marketing Corner: Happy Semi-Birthday


March 2019

  • IRA Gifts - Dos, Don'ts, and Don't Cross a Red Line
  • Quick Tip: Customize Your Startup Defaults in PGM Anywhere
  • Are Your Passwords as Secure as They Should Be?

February 2019

  • Gift Planning in a Volatile Economy
  • Quick Tip: It's Not Over Yet! Reporting Form 1099-R Information to the IRS
  • CGA Annual Reporting: State Forms, Reserve Calcs, and FASB. . .Oh My!

January 2019

  • Can You Fund a Gift Annuity with a Sandwich?
  • Quick Tip: How to Handle That Year-End Gift
  • PG Calc Acquires Hemmenway & Reinhardt


2018 eRate Newsletters

December 2018

  • Gift Date - When It Is and Why It Matters
  • Quick Tip: To Give or Not To Give? Compare and Find Out
  • Marketing Corner: Giving Tuesday With a Twist

November 2018

  • The High Stakes of Gift Acceptance
  • Quick Tip: The IRS Discount Rate Election Statement – Some Donors Need It!
  • Marketing Corner: Master What Is Simple

October 2018

  • How to Evaluate the Health of Your Gift Annuity Program
  • Quick Tip: Did You Know You Can Add Custom Documents to PGM and PGM Anywhere?
  • Marketing Corner: Will Your Year-End Giving Communication Be Different This Year?


September 2018

  • Limitations on Income Tax Charitable Deductions
  • Quick Tip: Comparing Gifts Funded with Cash or Stock in PGM Anywhere
  • Marketing Corner: What Is the Age Range of Your Planned Giving Audience?

August 2018

  • Are You "Just Winging It" with Your Planned Giving Program?
  • Quick Tip: Calculating the Present Value of an Irrevocable Charitable Remainder Trust for Remainder Valuation Purposes
  • Marketing Corner: Please Don't Donate Cash

July 2018

  • Collecting IRA Beneficiary Gifts – A Death Defying Experience
  • Quick Tip: Planned Giving Manager Updated for New ACGA Rates
  • Marketing Corner: Social Media Then and Now


June 2018

  • Grantor Charitable Lead Trusts: Why They (Sometimes) Make Sense
  • PGM Anywhere Makes Gift Annuity Termination Calculations Easy
  • Marketing Corner: Marketing Strategies for the ACGA Rate Change

May 2018

  • Hey, What's Up?
  • Enjoying the Benefit of an Itemized Deduction Even if a Donor Doesn’t Itemize
  • His, Hers, or Theirs, You Need to Find Out!
  • Announcing the PG Calc Unicorn Contest!

April 2018

  • The Practical Aspects of Accepting Beneficiary Designation Gifts
  • Marketing Corner: When Does Something Become a Trend?
  • Testamentary Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets
  • IRS Confirms Estate Tax Exclusion Amount for 2018


March 2018

  • Is There Life In Life Income Gifts?
  • Marketing Corner: Sustainability
  • Tax Law Update of PGM Released
  • Get a Qualified Appraisal Before Filing the 1040 for 2017

February 2018

  • Tax Reform and Its Impact on Planned Giving
  • Marketing Corner: Don't Say That, Say This!
  • PG Calc Solutions: Annual CGA Reserve and FASB Reports

January 2018

  • Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Client Questions for 2017
  • Marketing Corner: Marketing Metrics
  • Quick Tip: Prepare Now for 12/31 CGA State Reporting


2017 eRate Newsletters

December 2017

  • Don't Forget to Customize Your PGM and PGM Anywhere Software
  • Reminder to Thank Donors
  • 2017 Update of Authoritative CGA Manual

November 2017

  • PDFs Make Your Presentations Look Great!
  • Don’t Lose Automatic IRS Discount Rate Updates to PGM!
  • PG Calc Zombie Contest Ending Soon!

October 2017

  • Revocation Language in CGA Agreements - To Include or Not To Include
  • Sharing Your PGM Anywhere Cases with Other PGM Anywhere Users
  • PG Calc Zombies Visit NCPP 2017


September 2017

  • Surrendering an Income Interest in a Life Income Gifts
  • Imitation Is the Greatest Form of Flattery
  • How to Record Final Distributions in GiftWrap

August 2017

  • Missing Persons and Uncashed Checks
  • Advisor Marketing? No, It's Advisor Stewardship.
  • Update Financial Information in Planned Giving Manager and PGM Anywhere for Fiscal Year End

July 2017

  • Funding CGAs with Mutual Funds (What Is the Problem?)
  • Annual Compliance Reporting: Let PG Calc Do the Heavy Lifting for You This Summer
  • Come to Group Training this Summer


June 2017

  • When a Donor Walks Away from a Gift (and the Charity Benefits!)
  • PG Calc Announces Where's Zombie Photo Contest
  • PG Calc Webinar Recordings Are a Great Way to Spend Spare Budget Dollars

May 2017

  • BatchCalcs Will Make Your Gift Annuity Mailing More Compelling
  • PG Calc Unveils New Website
  • GiftWrap 4.2.10 Has Been Released

April 2017

  • PGM Clients Get PGM Anywhere Too!
  • An Underutilized Cultivation and Marketing Tool
  • Spring Training Opportunities


March 2017

  • Taking The Temperature of Your Gift Annuity Program
  • Get A Qualified Appraisal Before Filing 1040 For 2016
  • Should You Be Concerned About USPS "Marketing Mail?"

February 2017

  • Asking For Money Back - Awkward!
  • PG Calc Solutions for Annual Compliance Reporting
  • Titles Speak Louder Than Copy

January 2017

  • Oh, Those Pesky Capital Gains!
  • Don't Tweak Those Gift Annuity Agreements
  • Six Email Myths You Should Know

2016 eRate Newsletters

December 2016

  • IRA Charitable Rollover Celebrates First Anniversary
  • ACGA Suggested Maximum Rates Remain Unchanged
  • The Year of Life Income Gifts

November 2016

  • Are You Ready for the End?
  • Did You Know PGM Anywhere Can Produce Custom Documents?
  • New PGM Anywhere and GiftWrap releases

October 2016

  • 15 Tips on Getting More Donors to Read Your Emails
  • Why Print Will Never Die
  • When Only a CRAT Will Do


September 2016

  • To Retain or Not to Retain?
  • Is This a Good Time for Gift Annuities?
  • Extremely Low IRS Discount Rate Creates Opportunities and Challenges

August 2016

  • Unitization v. Fund Accounting
  • Projecting Future Income from Bequest Expectancies
  • Transforming Life Income Gits into Current Gifts

July 2016

  • How High Is the Sky?
  • Creating a Marketing Brief
  • The Key Ingredient to Email Marketing Success


June 2016

  • Meeting the Challenge of Raising More Planned Gifts
  • Latest PGM Anywhere Release
  • Keeping Up With the Marketing Times

May 2016

  • The Lure of Real Estate
  • How Do You Measure Your Marketing Program's Success?
  • GiftWrap 4.2.8 Released

April 2016

  • Why Websites Still Matter
  • Improving Markething Through Photos
  • Missed a PG Calc Webinar? Watch the Webinar Recording Instead


March 2016

  • Planned Giving In a Volatile Market
  • What Are Your Keystone Habits?
  • PGM 7.3 Release: PGM Incorporates 2016 Indexed Tax Table

February 2016

  • Your Best Donors Are Hiding in Plain Sight
  • Why Donor State and Governing Law State May Differ
  • Charitable IRA Rollover is Permanent - Do Your Donors Know?

January 2016

  • IRA Rollover Legislation Passed and Made Permanent
  • Gift Annuity Risk - Keeping On Your Toes
  • Webinar Schedule for 2016 Is Now Available


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