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August 2024

  • Featured Article: Reading the Tea Leaves in Giving USA’s 2024 Report on Philanthropy
  • Quick Tip: Clearing Cache Clears Away Problems
  • From the Blog: Medaling Mortality Tables - Gold, Silver and Bronze Choices for FASB 
  • Things We Are Following: New Iowa Law Establishes Favorable Death Benefit Recovery Rules 
  • GiftWrap Release Includes Numerous Improvements 
  • Updated NY Max Annuity Rates Not Yet Available, But Should Not Be a Concern  
  • New Chapter for PG Calc Gift Administration
  • BatchCalcs Give Away at Boston Training August 14-15 
  • The Society of the Little Flower Finds PG Calc’s Marketing Services Team Terrific

July 2024

  • Featured Article: Whose Money Is It Anyway? Dealing with Unclaimed Payments for Missing Persons
  • GiftWrap Quick Tip: It’s FASB Requirements Season for Many 
  • From the Blog: Why Does the IRS Always Miss My Birthday? 
  • Things We Are Following: CRAT Scheme Makes IRS “Dirty Dozen” List 
  • FASB Liability Calculations – PG Calc’s Got You Covered! 
  • Gifts from Inherited IRAs 
  • Fundamentals of Planned Giving Webinar Series Starts July 9 
  • Summer Is the Perfect Time to Start Planning Fall Mailings That Include Personalized Gift Calculations 
  • Join us in Boston August 14-15! 
  • From Questions about Tax Law to Flip NIMCRUTs, Fred Rogers from Hamilton College Appreciates PG Calc’s Experts

June 2024

  • Featured Article: A “License to Give” – Flexible Gift Annuities For Baby Boomers
  • GiftWrap Quick Tip: An Amazing Report to Estimate Charitable Remainders 
  • From the Blog: BDQ #8 – What Is a Donor Advised Fund? 
  • Things We Are Following: 
    • IRS and Department of Treasury Held Public Hearing on Proposed DAF Regulations 
    • CGA State Compliance Was a Key Theme at the ACGA Conference 
  • ACGA Rates Will Not Change 
  • See You Soon at a Conference Near You 
  • Foundation Source Launches Website Services for Foundations 
  • Craig Wruck to Offer Fundamentals of Planned Giving Webinar Series in July  
  • PG Calc’s Client Services Team Helps Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation Redirect Restricted CGA Funds to Unrestricted Revenue

May 2024

  • Featured Article: Fiscal Cliff Redux
  • Quick Tip: Locked Vs. Inactive in GiftWrap and PGM Anywhere
  • From the Blog: Hey, How’s That PIF Doing Lately?
  • Things We Are Following:
    • IRS and Department of Treasury Schedule May 6 Public Hearing on Proposed DAF Regulations
    • FinCEN Ruling Does Not Provide Relief Sought by Charities
  • PG Calc Experts Presenting on CGA State Regulations at the ACGA Conference
  • As Many Charities Close in on Fiscal Year End, Review Your Endowment Sub-Accounting
  • Hands-on Gift Planning Training in Washington, DC, May 15-16
  • Register Your Charity for Free with Foundation Source’s GivingHub, the New Portal for Foundation Grant Applications
  • The International Rescue Committee Values Partnering with PG Calc for CGA Compliance

April 2024

  • Featured Article: After 2023, Are We Back to Normal?
  • PGM Anywhere Quick Tip: Templates Make Getting Started Easy 
  • From the Blog: 
    • Questions to Ask Before Accepting an International Gift 
    • PG Calc’s Ann McPherson and Julia Boerth Featured in Foundation Source Blog 
  • Things We Are Following: What's Next for the Proposed DAF Regulations? 
  • Conspicuous by Its Absence: QCDs and Your Donor’s Form 1040 Filing 
  • Use FIRE to Avoid Getting Burned on Your 1099-Rs 
  • Join Us! Lab Learning in Washington DC May 15th and 16th 
  • GiftCalcs Accessibility Improved 
  • Praise for PG Calc’s Expertise and Our Decision Tree to Determine the Best Asset to Fund an Outright Gift

March 2024

  • Featured Article: Have Gift Annuity Benefits Peaked for Donors?
  • PG Calc News: We Are Now Part of Foundation Source 
  • PGM Anywhere Quick Tip: Determining Which Summary of Benefits Chart to Use 
  • From the Blog: Charitable Lead Trusts – Not Just for the Super Rich 
  • Also From the Blog: New York Maximum Annuity Rates No Longer Conflict with ACGA Rates 
  • Things We Are Following: Tax Legislation? This Year? Well, Maybe. 
  • PGM Desktop Updated with New ACGA Rates and Inflation Adjustments 
  • Free GiftWrap Training on PIF K-1s 
  • Gift Planning with PGM Anywhere In-Person Training in NYC 
  • Sarah Lawrence College Appreciates PG Calc’s CGA Annual Filing Service

February 2024

  • Featured Article: Money Talks, But Can It Follow Instructions? The Proposed Donor Advised Fund Regulations
  • GiftWrap Quick Tip: Do Not Scale When Printing 1099-Rs 
  • PG Calc Blog Post: Gift Annuity Voluntary Termination – What to Do and How to Do It 
  • Things We Are Following: (Yet Another) Revised Form 8283 
  • PGM Anywhere Updated with New ACGA Rates, Effective 1/1/2024 
  • New NY Max Annuity Rates Law Goes Into Effect on 1/24/2024! 
  • A Magical Time – the Season of RMD Notices 
  • Free Training Will Prepare You to File 1099-Rs Electronically 
  • A Helluva Town, a Helluva Training: PGM Anywhere in Person in NYC 
  • Remember, PIF K-1s Are Not Due in January 
  • Feeding America Relies on PG Calc’s Gift Administration Services

January 2024

  • Featured Article: Stop Reading This Now!
  • PGM Anywhere Quick Tip: Avoid Last Minute Year-End Payments
  • GiftWrap Quick Tip: Year-End Update is Required in GiftWrap
  • PG Calc Blog Post: From the IRS – Donors Can Give More and Pay Less in 2024
  • Things We Are Following: Proposed Donor Advised Fund Regulations
  • New ACGA Rates Will Be Added to PG Calc Software When Made Public
  • Year-End Giving: Know Your Dates
  • Here for the Holidays
  • HopeHealth Sees Results from Partnership with PG Calc’s Marketing Services


December 2023

  • Featured Article: PG Calc QCD Survey: Many Charities Report Closing CGAs Funded With a QCD
  • Quick Tip: Setting Investment Assumptions in PGM Anywhere
  • From the Blog: BDQ #7 – Why Would an Organization Want to Have a Planned Giving Program? and NY Max Annuity Rates Signed Into Law
  • Things We Are Following: Indexed Tax Items and QCD Limit Increases for 2024
  • New Year, New Filing Requirement: IRS Lowers Bar for Mandatory E-Filing
  • Valuation Rate for New PIFs Will Be 3.8% in 2024
  • Webinar Schedule for 2024 Is Set
  • PG Calc Training Options in 2024 – Something for Everyone
  • We Enjoyed Seeing Many of You at CGP
  • Dominican University Benefits Through 10-Year Partnership with PG Calc

November 2023

  • Featured Article: Measuring the Success of Your CGA Program: The Case for Maintaining Current Market Values for All Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Quick Tip: Illustrating a Flexible Deferred Gift Annuity in PGM Anywhere 
  • Things We Are Following: Crypto Giving Rules and a Rise in Gift Annuities Funded by QCDs 
  • Still Waiting for Governor to Sign NY Max Annuity Rates Legislation 
  • Fundraising for Endowment Q&A: Free Recording Available 
  • Sweet Home Chicago: Sign Up for Gift Planning Training with PGM Anywhere Before the 2023 CGP Conference 
  • Download PG Calc’s Free 2024 CGA Annual Filing Calendar
  • CGA Manual Updated for 2023 
  • PG Calc’s Gift Administration Staff Is Part of the Team for The College of New Jersey

October 2023

  • Featured Article: Are You “Wasting” Your Time? Focus on Fundraising
  • Quick Tip: Only the Good Die Young – CGAs and the Undistributed Investment in Contract 
  • From the Blog: BDQ #6 - Why Would Someone Make a Planned Gift? 
  • Things We Are Following: Above-the-Line Charitable Deduction 
  • Who’s Afraid of Big Dumb Questions? Certainly Not PGGNE! 
  • SOCcess 
  • Gift Planning Training with PGM Anywhere Ahead of the 2023 CGP Conference in Chicago 
  • Show Your Donors the Power of Their Philanthropy with BatchCalcs 
  • Cooley Dickinson Hospital Is Thankful for Ongoing Partnership with PG Calc

September 2023

  • Featured Article: Funding CGAs with Mutual Funds: Is This Still a Problem?
  • Quick Tip: Make Sure More Than One Person Can Unlock PGM Anywhere User Accounts 
  • From the Blog: BDQ #5 - What Is Planned Giving? 
  • Things We Are Following: Donor Advised Funds 
  • Craig Wruck to Be Inducted into the CGP Hall of Fame 
  • Are You Ready for Fall Fundraising? 
  • PG Calc Summer Hours Until Labor Day 
  • At a Conference Near You 
  • The Salvation Army Appreciates PG Calc's Custom Gift Agreements

August 2023

  • Featured Article: Giving USA Report on Philanthropy - Is It the End of the World as We Know It?
  • Quick Tip: Selecting a Mortality Table in PGM Anywhere
  • From the Blog: BDQ #4: Why Is There a Charitable Deduction and How Does It Work? 
  • PGM Anywhere and PGM Updates Reflect Final Table 2010CM Rules 
  • NY Max Annuity Rates Still Mostly Higher Than ACGA Rates for Q3 2023 
  • Gift Planning Training with PGM Anywhere August 9-10 
  • Enhance Your Fall Gift Annuity Mailing with BatchCalcs 
  • PG Calc Summer Hours 
  • Grinnell College Appreciates Jen Wickham's Expertise

July 2023

  • Featured Article: Understanding Gift Tax and How to Minimize It
  • Quick Tip: Illustrating a CGA Funded With a QCD in PGM Anywhere
  • New Blog Posts:
    • IRS Updates Rules for Computing Planned Gift Deductions
    • The Assignment Revocation Rigmarole
    • Split-Interest Gifts and Mortality Tables
  • PGM Anywhere Updated Twice in June
  • NY Finally Passes Changes to Calculation of Its Maximum Annuity Rates
  • The Not-So-Lazy Days of Summer: It’s FASB Time Again!
  • ACGA Rates Will Not Be Changing
  • Enjoy Summer in Boston! Gift Planning Training August 9 and 10
  • New York Public Library Appreciates PG Calc’s Planned Giving Advice

June 2023

  • Featured Article: “Please, Sir, I Want Some More” - The Plight of Orphan DAFs
  • Quick Tip: GiftCalcs Provides Guardrails When Illustrating a QCD for a CGA
  • From the Blog: Trust Matters: Life Income Gifts and Revocable Living Trusts & When Donors Should Consider a QCD for a CGA
  • GiftWrap Update Coming Very Soon
  • IRS Affirms PG Calc Deduction Calculation Method
  • Planned Giving by the Numbers Training – Don’t Miss It
  • Legal Tender Status of Bitcoin
  • Conferences – Where We've Been, and Where We're Going
  • Read Our Top Tips to Avoid Trouble with State CGA Regulations
  • The University of North Carolina System Benefits from PG Calc Custom Training

May 2023

  • Featured Article: Partial Interest Gifts – Navigating Rocky Shoals and Avoiding Whirlpools
  • GiftWrap Quick Tip: GW open in a new tab not a new window
  • From the Blog: Pitfalls to Avoid When You’re New To Your Planned Giving Office, and BDQ #2: QDCs and RMDs
  • BDQ Delay Creates Risk for a Commuted Payment Gift Annuity
  • NY Max Annuity Rates Decline in Q2 2023 But Still Mostly Higher Than ACGA Rates
  • NY Reviewers Clarify QCD Agreement Requirements
  • Free Recording - Our Latest Planned Giving Marketing Q&A
  • Next Stop: Boston, MA – PG Calc's Upcoming Training Sessions
  • See You at PGGNE
  • Natural Lands Relies on PG Calc's Expertise

April 2023

  • Featured Article: Is Your Charity “Effective?” - Effective Altruism and Your Donors
  • Quick Tip: Customizing Case Access in PGM Anywhere
  • From the Blog – Big Dumb Question #1: What Is a Charitable Gift Annuity, and Why Would a Donor Want One?
  • CGA or CRT?!?!? Argh!
  • Gift Acknowledgement – Just Do It
  • We Were There – Live and in Person
  • Our Gift Administration Team Has Been Busy
  • Also from the Blog: A Deduction for Non-Itemizers? Not so fast.
  • Fairfield University Is Delighted with PG Calc’s Marketing Expertise, Customization, and Turnaround Time

March 2023

  • Featured Article: That’s Alright – It Was Only Money (Putting 2022 in the Rearview Mirror)
  • Quick Tip: Modeling the IRA QCD CGA in PGM Anywhere
  • From the Blog: Gift Annuity Contracts Filed with State Regulators and the Legacy IRA Act
  • Also From the Blog: NY Maximum Immediate Annuity Rates Remain Higher Than ACGA Rates for Q1 2023
  • New QCD Options Added to PGM Anywhere Narratives
  • How to Handle a CGA Funded with Capital Loss Property
  • Did Your Year-End Go as Smoothly as It Could Have?
  • NYU Shares Praise for Jeffrey Frye from PG Calc's Client Services Team

February 2023

  • Featured Article: Thou Shalt Not Alter Thy Gift Annuity Agreements
  • GiftWrap Quick Tip: Printing 1099-R Tax Forms
  • From the Blog: Legacy IRA Act Becomes Law
  • Free Recording: What You Need to Know About the New Legacy IRA Act Webinar
  • PGM Anywhere and PGM Desktop Updated with New ACGA Rates, Effective January 1
  • Most New York Maximum Annuity Rates Remain Higher than ACGA Rates in Q1 2023
  • Register for Any or All of our 2023 Webinars
  • Live from New York: PG Calc Training
  • New College Foundation Appreciates the Responsiveness of PG Calc’s Marketing Services

January 2023

  • Featured Article: Rapid Ascent of IRS Discount Rate Creates Opportunities
  • PGM Anywhere Quick Tip: Avoid Last Minute Year-End Payments
  • GiftWrap Quick Tip: Year-End Update is Required in GiftWrap
  • From the Blog: Is the Legacy IRA Act the Next Big Thing?
  • New ACGA Rates Coming Soon to PG Calc Software
  • Marketing Tip: What Kinds of Content Do Donors Want?
  • Year-End Giving: Deciphering Gift Dates
  • Use Your “Phone-a-Friend” This Year End: Client Services is Here For You!
  • Registration for 2023 Webinars Opened on December 15
  • The Wilderness Society Finds PG Calc’s Support of GiftWrap “Indispensable”


December 2022

  • Featured Article: The December 15th (Sort Of) Outright Real Estate Gift
  • PGM Anywhere Quick Tip: Customize Applies to All Users
  • From the Blog: Research on Donor Advised Funds Presented at 2022 CGP National Conference
  • Also from the Blog: New IRS 2010CM Mortality Table Throws a Curveball
  • Valuation Rate for New PIFs Will be 2.2% in 2023
  • IRS Announces Indexed Tax Items for 2023
  • CGA Manual Is Your Guide to an Exceptional Gift Annuity Program
  • Webinar Schedule and Pricing for 2023 is Set
  • Back in Person at the CGP National Conference in Reno
  • PG Calc’s Customer Service Goes “Above and Beyond”

November 2022

  • Featured Article: Is a Planned Giving Program Worth It? Some Food for Thought
  • Quick Tip: Saving and Reopening Cases in PGM Anywhere
  • From the Blog: Beware CGA Rate Shoppers
  • Monitoring CGA Reserve Balances
  • PG Calc Training in 2023 - You Spoke, We Listened
  • Hey, Look Ma – No Zoom! (PG Calc Training in Washington, DC)
  • PG Calc Webinars for 2023 Will Feature Format Changes and Reduced Cost
  • Most New York Maximum Annuity Rates Remain Higher than ACGA Rates in Q4 2022
  • CGA Manual Updated for 2022
  • Pop by Our CGP National Conference Booth in Reno
  • What Can We Do for Brown? Plenty

October 2022

  • Featured Article: New IRS Rules on Inherited IRAs Could Increase Attractiveness of Charitable Giving
  • Quick Tip: Termination of a Gift Annuity in PGM Anywhere
  • Washington, DC – Live and In-Person Training Sessions in November!
  • We Need Your Help to Improve Our Training Offerings
  • The Future of Planned Giving Marketing Is in Your Hands
  • See You in Reno at CGP Conference 2022
  • Include Personalized Gift Annuity Calculations for Each Donor This Fall
  • PG Calc Makes the African Wildlife Foundation's CGA Administration Effortless

September 2022

  • Featured Article: The Geomorphology of Planned Giving
  • Quick Tip: How to Help Donors Escape from a Pooled Income Fund
  • From the Blog: Gift Planning and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 
  • Free Info Session Recording Available: The Secret to Endowment Fundraising
  • We’re Back! PG Calc Returns to In-Person Training This Fall
  • Enhance Your Fall Gift Annuity Mailing with BatchCalcs
  • See You Soon at a Conference Near You
  • PG Calc’s Jeffrey Frye Is a Huge Asset to Jimmy Kinlaw at the Christian Broadcasting Network

August 2022

  • Featured Article: Summer Planned Giving Housekeeping
  • Quick Tip: Picking a Mortality Table in PGM Anywhere
  • 2010CM Mortality Table Added to PGM Anywhere and PGM Desktop
  • Implications of the New IRS Mortality Table and New ACGA Rates - Free Webinar Recording Available
  • From the Blog: Good News About New York Maximum Annuity Rates for Q3 2022
  • Marketing Strategy Presentation to the Georgia Planned Giving Council
  • Here’s a Cure for the Summertime Blues: Online Trainings
  • PGM Anywhere IN-PERSON Training in Boston, Sept. 21-22
  • Dawn Smith at Davidson College Appreciates Working with PG Calc's Julie Goldenberg Hay on CGA State Registrations

July 2022

  • Featured Article: Analysis of the New ACGA Annuity Rates
  • Quick Tip: You Can Simplify Logging Into PGM Anywhere
  • From the Blog: Understanding FASB Valuations and Their Role in Your Financials
  • . . . And Another Thing About FASB: Liability Calculations Reminder
  • New ACGA Rates Added to PG Calc Software; Table 2010CM Coming Soon
  • Some New York Maximum Annuity Rates Likely to Remain Lower than ACGA Rates Into 2023
  • Free PG Calc Webinar: Implications of the New IRS Mortality Table and New ACGA Rates
  • Increased Security and Enhancements for PGM Anywhere, PGM desktop, Bequest Manager, and GiftWrap Lead to Modest Cost Increase
  • Hey There – We’ve Been Everywhere!
  • PG Calc Makes Annual Filing a Breeze for National Catholic Community Foundation

June 2022

  • Featured Article: The Other Five of the Top Ten Lessons Learned from the Front Lines of Client Services
  • Quick Tip: Using the New Templates in PGM Anywhere
  • From the Blog: What's the Impact of Rising Discount Rates on Charitable Deductions?
  • Also from the Blog: IRS Announces New Mortality Table for Computing Planned Gift Deductions
  • ACGA Rates Going Up, Effective July 1
  • PGM Anywhere Update Released
  • California, Here We Come! PG Calc In-Person Training Classes Before the LACGP Western Regional Planned Giving Conference
  • University of California Benefits from PG Calc's Expert Advice

May 2022

  • Featured Article: Undeliverable or Uncashed is Unacceptable!
  • Quick Tip: Format Choices in GiftWrap Gift Summary Report Offer Quick Program Health Checks
  • From the Blog: What’s the Real Value of Planned Gifts in Your Organization’s Mission?
  • What’s the Real Value of Planned Gifts in Your Organization’s Mission?
  • House Passes SECURE Act 2.0 That Adds QCDs for CGAs and CRTs
  • IRS Update: Notice CP259F for Form 5227 Can Be Disregarded
  • See you at the Northern California Planned Giving Conference, the ACGA Conference, and at PGGNE's All-Day Conference
  • Miami University Values PG Calc Webinars

April 2022

  • Featured Article: Five of the Top Ten Lessons Learned from the Front Lines of Client Services
  • Quick Tip: What Makes a Persuasive Donor Story?
  • From the Blog: The IRS Says You Didn’t File Your PIF or CRT Form 5227…But You Did!
  • ACE Act Introduction in House Sparks Fundraiser Interest
  • Training Schedule Set for the Remainder of 2022
  • Conferences, including ACGA
  • Bryn Mawr College Finds Value in Being Able to Customize Its PG Calc Planned Giving Website

March 2022

  • Featured Article: Never Surrender! (Or Surrender Now!) – The Relinquishing of Life Income Gifts
  • Quick Tip: Date of Gift Plays Many Roles in PGM Anywhere
  • Update on Tax Legislation
  • CARES Act Giving Incentives Expired at End of 2021
  • Legislation to Change NY Maximum Rates Formula Beginning to Move
  • ACGA Offering Generous Scholarships
  • Date of First Payment vs. Annuity Starting Date
  • Now Is the Right Time!
  • The Children's Inn at NIH Partners with PG Calc for Endowment Sub-Accounting

February 2022

  • Featured Article: A Practical Approach to Receiving IRA Bequest Distributions
  • Quick Tip: Review Your GiftCalcs Settings
  • From the PG Calc Blog: Donor Surveys Show You Care
  • 2022 Webinars and Online Training Sessions Will Provide Robust Online Education
  • New York Maximum Annuity Rates for Q1 2022
  • Check Out Our New Website
  • PGM Anywhere and PGM Desktop Updated with Indexed Tax Tables for 2022
  • PG Calc and COVID
  • Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine Relies on PG Calc's Client Services

January 2022

  • Featured Article: The Potential Cost of Giving
  • Quick Tip: Program Overview and Statistics Report in GiftWrap and Bequest Manager
  • Two Tax Incentives Will Expire Shortly
  • Registration Open for 2022 PG Calc Webinars
  • ACGA Rates Will Remain the Same
  • PG Calc Is Here for You During the Holidays!
  • PG Calc Seeking Director of Client Services
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America Appreciates Integration Between PGM Anywhere and GiftWrap


December 2021

  • Now is the Time! Year-End Messaging to Close More Gifts
  • Quick Tip: Impact of the Discount Rate Spread
  • From the PG Calc Blog: The Infrastructure Bill … Nothing to See Here
  • IRS Announces Indexed Tax Items for 2022

November 2021

  • Don’t Be Scared Off by CGA Regulations
  • Quick Tip: Optimizing an FGA Deduction in PGM Anywhere
  • From the Blog – Tax Implications of the Infrastructure Bills
  • GiftCalcs Update Includes Optimizer and Accessibility Enhancements

October 2021

  • Non-Deductible Gifts That Save Taxes Anyway
  • Quick Tip: Understanding Reports in GiftWrap and Bequest Manager
  • From the PG Calc Blog: A Gift Annuity Is Not a Mortgage
  • PG Calc Sponsors Chronicle of Philanthropy Webinar on 9/23

September 2021

  • It’s All Good, But Can You See the Future?
  • Quick Tip: Optimizing a Gift Annuity Rate in PGM Anywhere
  • From the PG Calc Blog: The Deferred Gift Annuity Surprise
  • New PGM Anywhere Release Adds Optimizer Features

August 2021

  • ACE Act Proposes Important Changes in DAF Rules
  • Quick Tip: Adding a New User to PGM Anywhere the Right Way
  • What's New in Marketing Services
  • Conflict Between NY and ACGA Rates Closer to Resolution

July 2021

  • A Look at the New CASE Global Reporting Standards
  • Quick Tip: The Most Common PIF Question Nowadays
  • From the PG Calc Blog: Proposed Taxation of Split-Interest Trusts
  • Also From the Blog: Which CRUT Shall It Be?

June 2021

  • This Could be the Year of the Charitable Lead Trust
  • Quick Tip: Modeling Gift Annuities in PGM Anywhere
  • From the PG Calc Blog: Tax Changes Could Boost Giving
  • NY Maximum Annuity Rate Messages in PGMA/PGM

May 2021

  • Overcoming Challenges of Endowment Fundraising
  • Quick Tip: PGM Anywhere’s Enhanced Exporting Capabilities
  • From the PG Calc Blog: Timing Is Everything This Tax Season
  • Please Hold on to PGM Desktop a Little Longer

April 2021

  • Using CRTs or CGAs to Stretch Payments
  • Quick Tip: New Security Options in PGM Anywhere
  • From the PG Calc Blog: $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan
  • New Mortality Table Coming Soon?

March 2021

  • 2020: It Was the Best and Worst of Times
  • Quick Tip: GiftWrap Analysis Module
  • From the PG Calc Blog: Why Are the K-1s Late Again This Year?
  • PGM Anywhere Adds More Security Options

February 2021

  • Change Is Coming
  • Quick Tip: While You Were Sleeping...
  • PGMA Release Offers Single Sign-On, Tax Law Changes, and More
  • PGM Desktop Update Coming With Indexed Tax Tables for 2021

January 2021

  • Tax Implications of the Next President
  • Quick Tip: "Year Projection Ends" in PGM Anywhere vs. Desktop
  • Blog Post: Preparing for Tax Season
  • Year-End Giving: What a Difference a Day Can Make


December 2020

  • COVID-Era Success Stories in Planned Giving
  • Quick Tip: Non-Standard IRS Discount Rates in PGM Anywhere
  • From the PG Calc Blog: CARES Act is Expiring in 2020
  • IRS Announces Indexed Tax Items for 2021

November 2020

  • National Standards for Gift Planning Success
  • Quick Tip: Clearing Your Browser’s Cache
  • CGP 2020 Conference
  • The Switch to AWS is Almost Complete

October 2020

  • Taking a Closer Look at QCDs
  • Quick Tip: GiftWrap's CashTrac - How and Why to Use it
  • BatchCalcs Makes Fall Mailings More Compelling
  • FREE Training to Transition from PGM to PGM Anywhere

September 2020

  • Projecting the Value of Your Bequest Pipeline
  • Quick Tip: Entering Terms in PGM Anywhere
  • Next PGM Anywhere Release Includes All Term Types and Other Enhancements
  • Sign up for Remaining Webinars

August 2020

  • Ten IRS Rules You Need to Know to Help Your Donors Make Great Gifts
  • Quick Tip: Producing Custom Narratives in PGM Anywhere
  • All Trainings Now ONLINE Through 2020
  • Time to Update to PGM 7.5D!

July 2020

  • Life Income Gift Administration – Protecting Donors from Fraud
  • Quick Tip: Batch Stop Payment Applied to Payment Snapshot in GiftWrap
  • New ACGA Rates 0.4% - 0.5% Lower than Current ACGA Rates

June 2020

  • Taking Advantage of the 100% Limit on Deductions for Gifts of Cash in 2020
  • Quick Tip: New GiftWrap Flexible DGA Assistant
  • ACGA Rates Will Go Down Effective July 1

May 2020

  • Thinking Beyond the Pandemic - Peaks, Valleys, and Life in Between
  • Quick Tip: Monitoring CGA Reserve Balances
  • Life Income Plans When the IRS Discount Rate is Lower Than Ever
  • PG Calc to Offer Online Software Training

April 2020

  • Planned Giving Marketing and the Novel Coronavirus
  • Quick Tip: How to Capture GiftCalcs User Information
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • GiftWrap Is GDPR Compliant

March 2020

  • Gifts of Appreciated Securities in Today's Economy
  • Quick Tip: Email Options in PGM Anywhere
  • PGM Anywhere Update Released on January 16
  • Reach Out with QCD Marketing

February 2020

  • Bequest Commitments - Don't Make It a "Hail Mary" Ask
  • Quick Tip: Reporting on Pending Bequest Distributions
  • New PGM Anywhere Release
  • Giving Gifts of Appreciated Securities
  • Security Notice

January 2020

  • Beware of "Quid Pro Quo"
  • Quick Tip: Preparing for Tax Season
  • Marketing Corner: The Most Important Marketing Trend for 2020
  • PGM and PGM Anywhere Updated with New ACGA Rates


December 2019

  • Identifying Gift Traps
  • Quick Tip: Last Minute Gifts? Delay First Payment Until Next Year with PGM Anywhere to Avoid Year-End Snafus
  • GiftWrap Update Coming Soon!
  • CGA Manual - Access the Latest in Gift Annuity Expertise!

November 2019

  • Life Income Gifts from IRAs and Other Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Quick Tip: GiftWrap Gift Profiles and Recording Death
  • Have You Switched to PGM Anywhere Yet?
  • The Implications of Much Lower IRS Discount Rates

October 2019

  • Year-End Marketing Ideas
  • Quick Tip: PGM Anywhere Performs All the Gift Annuity Termination Calculations You May Need
  • PGM Anywhere and GiftWrap Updates Released
  • PG Calc Is Hiring!

September 2019

  • Donor Decisions Affected by Itemizing
  • Quick Tip: How to Save Your PGM Anywhere Work Wherever You Want
  • BatchCalcs Will Make Your Gift Annuity Mailing More Compelling

August 2019

  • Tax Aspects of Gift Annuities
  • Quick Tip: What's This? Saving Calculations and Proposals in PGM
  • Marketing Corner: Measuring Planned Giving Progress
  • Help Gift Planners Everywhere: Complete the CGA Program Best Practices Survey

July 2019

  • Is Direct Mail Marketing Dead?
  • Quick Tip: Recording Deaths from Prior Years in GiftWrap
  • Marketing Corner: A Different Way to Think About Gift Planning Marketing Metrics

June 2019

  • Qualified Charitable Distributions as Part of a Blended Gift Proposal
  • Quick Tip: Customize Your Default Email Text in PGM Anywhere
  • New PGM Anywhere Release Offers Designer Proposals Module and Much More

May 2019

  • Now That the Dust Has Settled (Investments and Life Income Gifts After 2018)
  • Quick Tip: Calculating the Charitable Deduction for an Addition to a CRUT
  • Take Action on Gift Annuity State Registration

April 2019

  • Fixed Payment Life Income Options: The Gift Annuity vs. the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
  • Quick Tip: Verify Your GiftWrap Data
  • Marketing Corner: Happy Semi-Birthday

March 2019

  • IRA Gifts - Dos, Don'ts, and Don't Cross a Red Line
  • Quick Tip: Customize Your Startup Defaults in PGM Anywhere
  • Are Your Passwords as Secure as They Should Be?

February 2019

  • Gift Planning in a Volatile Economy
  • Quick Tip: It's Not Over Yet! Reporting Form 1099-R Information to the IRS
  • CGA Annual Reporting: State Forms, Reserve Calcs, and FASB. . .Oh My!

January 2019

  • Can You Fund a Gift Annuity with a Sandwich?
  • Quick Tip: How to Handle That Year-End Gift
  • PG Calc Acquires Hemmenway & Reinhardt


December 2018

  • Gift Date - When It Is and Why It Matters
  • Quick Tip: To Give or Not To Give? Compare and Find Out
  • Marketing Corner: Giving Tuesday With a Twist

November 2018

  • The High Stakes of Gift Acceptance
  • Quick Tip: The IRS Discount Rate Election Statement – Some Donors Need It!
  • Marketing Corner: Master What Is Simple

October 2018

  • How to Evaluate the Health of Your Gift Annuity Program
  • Quick Tip: Did You Know You Can Add Custom Documents to PGM and PGM Anywhere?
  • Marketing Corner: Will Your Year-End Giving Communication Be Different This Year?

September 2018

  • Limitations on Income Tax Charitable Deductions
  • Quick Tip: Comparing Gifts Funded with Cash or Stock in PGM Anywhere
  • Marketing Corner: What Is the Age Range of Your Planned Giving Audience?

August 2018

  • Are You "Just Winging It" with Your Planned Giving Program?
  • Quick Tip: Calculating the Present Value of an Irrevocable Charitable Remainder Trust for Remainder Valuation Purposes
  • Marketing Corner: Please Don't Donate Cash

July 2018

  • Collecting IRA Beneficiary Gifts – A Death Defying Experience
  • Quick Tip: Planned Giving Manager Updated for New ACGA Rates
  • Marketing Corner: Social Media Then and Now

June 2018

  • Grantor Charitable Lead Trusts: Why They (Sometimes) Make Sense
  • PGM Anywhere Makes Gift Annuity Termination Calculations Easy
  • Marketing Corner: Marketing Strategies for the ACGA Rate Change

May 2018

  • Hey, What's Up?
  • Enjoying the Benefit of an Itemized Deduction Even if a Donor Doesn’t Itemize
  • His, Hers, or Theirs, You Need to Find Out!
  • Announcing the PG Calc Unicorn Contest!

April 2018

  • The Practical Aspects of Accepting Beneficiary Designation Gifts
  • Marketing Corner: When Does Something Become a Trend?
  • Testamentary Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets
  • IRS Confirms Estate Tax Exclusion Amount for 2018

March 2018

  • Is There Life In Life Income Gifts?
  • Marketing Corner: Sustainability
  • Tax Law Update of PGM Released
  • Get a Qualified Appraisal Before Filing the 1040 for 2017

February 2018

  • Tax Reform and Its Impact on Planned Giving
  • Marketing Corner: Don't Say That, Say This!
  • PG Calc Solutions: Annual CGA Reserve and FASB Reports

January 2018

  • Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Client Questions for 2017
  • Marketing Corner: Marketing Metrics
  • Quick Tip: Prepare Now for 12/31 CGA State Reporting


December 2017

  • Don't Forget to Customize Your PGM and PGM Anywhere Software
  • Reminder to Thank Donors
  • 2017 Update of Authoritative CGA Manual

November 2017

  • PDFs Make Your Presentations Look Great!
  • Don’t Lose Automatic IRS Discount Rate Updates to PGM!
  • PG Calc Zombie Contest Ending Soon!

October 2017

  • Revocation Language in CGA Agreements - To Include or Not To Include
  • Sharing Your PGM Anywhere Cases with Other PGM Anywhere Users
  • PG Calc Zombies Visit NCPP 2017

September 2017

  • Surrendering an Income Interest in a Life Income Gifts
  • Imitation Is the Greatest Form of Flattery
  • How to Record Final Distributions in GiftWrap

August 2017

  • Missing Persons and Uncashed Checks
  • Advisor Marketing? No, It's Advisor Stewardship.
  • Update Financial Information in Planned Giving Manager and PGM Anywhere for Fiscal Year End

July 2017

  • Funding CGAs with Mutual Funds (What Is the Problem?)
  • Annual Compliance Reporting: Let PG Calc Do the Heavy Lifting for You This Summer
  • Come to Group Training this Summer

June 2017

  • When a Donor Walks Away from a Gift (and the Charity Benefits!)
  • PG Calc Announces Where's Zombie Photo Contest
  • PG Calc Webinar Recordings Are a Great Way to Spend Spare Budget Dollars

May 2017

  • BatchCalcs Will Make Your Gift Annuity Mailing More Compelling
  • PG Calc Unveils New Website
  • GiftWrap 4.2.10 Has Been Released

April 2017

  • PGM Clients Get PGM Anywhere Too!
  • An Underutilized Cultivation and Marketing Tool
  • Spring Training Opportunities

March 2017

  • Taking The Temperature of Your Gift Annuity Program
  • Get A Qualified Appraisal Before Filing 1040 For 2016
  • Should You Be Concerned About USPS "Marketing Mail?"

February 2017

  • Asking For Money Back - Awkward!
  • PG Calc Solutions for Annual Compliance Reporting
  • Titles Speak Louder Than Copy

January 2017

  • Oh, Those Pesky Capital Gains!
  • Don't Tweak Those Gift Annuity Agreements
  • Six Email Myths You Should Know


December 2016

  • IRA Charitable Rollover Celebrates First Anniversary
  • ACGA Suggested Maximum Rates Remain Unchanged
  • The Year of Life Income Gifts

November 2016

  • Are You Ready for the End?
  • Did You Know PGM Anywhere Can Produce Custom Documents?
  • New PGM Anywhere and GiftWrap releases

October 2016

  • 15 Tips on Getting More Donors to Read Your Emails
  • Why Print Will Never Die
  • When Only a CRAT Will Do

September 2016

  • To Retain or Not to Retain?
  • Is This a Good Time for Gift Annuities?
  • Extremely Low IRS Discount Rate Creates Opportunities and Challenges

August 2016

  • Unitization v. Fund Accounting
  • Projecting Future Income from Bequest Expectancies
  • Transforming Life Income Gits into Current Gifts

July 2016

  • How High Is the Sky?
  • Creating a Marketing Brief
  • The Key Ingredient to Email Marketing Success

June 2016

  • Meeting the Challenge of Raising More Planned Gifts
  • Latest PGM Anywhere Release
  • Keeping Up With the Marketing Times

May 2016

  • The Lure of Real Estate
  • How Do You Measure Your Marketing Program's Success?
  • GiftWrap 4.2.8 Released

April 2016

  • Why Websites Still Matter
  • Improving Markething Through Photos
  • Missed a PG Calc Webinar? Watch the Webinar Recording Instead

March 2016

  • Planned Giving In a Volatile Market
  • What Are Your Keystone Habits?
  • PGM 7.3 Release: PGM Incorporates 2016 Indexed Tax Table

February 2016

  • Your Best Donors Are Hiding in Plain Sight
  • Why Donor State and Governing Law State May Differ
  • Charitable IRA Rollover is Permanent - Do Your Donors Know?

January 2016

  • IRA Rollover Legislation Passed and Made Permanent
  • Gift Annuity Risk - Keeping On Your Toes
  • Webinar Schedule for 2016 Is Now Available

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