Keep Your Program Healthy and Strong

Minimize Risk

If not prudently investing reserves and not following sound policies, a charity might realize minimal benefit from an annuity or even lose money. We help you make sure your gift annuity program is healthy and manage risks.

Assure Profitability

Your gift annuity program should be helping your organization work towards its mission. Running a successful program can be difficult and time consuming. When your program is as healthy as possible, it will be a profitable and important part of your organization's success.

Risk Assessment Features

  • Project annuity profitability.
  • Analyze out-of-pocket liabilities.
  • Project cash flows.
  • Check regulatory compliance.
  • Assess adequacy of reserves.
  • Compare the impact of different investment returns.
  • Recommend actions to minimize risk and mitigate projected losses.

What It's Like to Work With Us

We’re experts at the risks, regulations, and challenges that come with managing a gift annuity program. Have a question? Ask us.

Full Analysis

We thoroughly examine obligations and potential risk areas. We take a deep dive into your program and explore every area to increase the profitability of your program and manage risk.

Plan of Action

Our audits provide concrete, actionable steps to improve the performance of your program, manage your liabilities, and offer ideas to make the most of your annuities. Our report will help you best manage your existing contracts and ensure that new contracts will be strong and profitable. Our goal is to make your program successful.

How Can We Help You?

If you want to determine how to minimize risk and assure the profitability of your gift annuity program, we can help.
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