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Successful bequest programs are becoming ever more crucial to the overall success of charitable organizations. Having the right combination of technology and processes in place will ensure you are maximizing your organization’s ability to steward donors and realize distributions. With Bequest Manager, you can manage legacy gifts from intention to realization, successfully manage the probate process, and receive sophisticated reporting and in-depth analysis of your program.

Stay in Touch

When a donor puts your organization in his or her will, there is an opportunity for a lifetime relationship. Missing that opportunity can be costly. Studies have demonstrated that legacy donors are more likely to contribute to other fundraising initiatives of the organization. Bequest Manager provides the tools necessary to capitalize on that opportunity. Features such as letter creation and editing, workflow management, and contact management ensure communications with your donors will happen reliably and predictably.

Manage the Process

There are a myriad of potential roadblocks during the probate process that could reduce or even eliminate receipt of distributions. Assets may be hard to track down, difficult to value, or hard to sell, and often there are unforeseen creditor issues and family disagreements. Your objective is to insure your organization receives all that it is entitled to, as quickly as possible. You can do this by putting in place a system that lets you file and store important documents, maintain checklists and workflows to organize important tasks, and receive notification of important deadlines and events. Bequest Manager is that system!


Comprehensive Data Management

With Bequest Manager, you can record the most extensive and detailed data possible, to ensure you can account for virtually any type of legacy gift or asset, and to enable the most effective reporting. Data elements stored by Bequest Manager include the following:

  • Transfer type – will, revocable living trust, beneficiary designation.
  • Asset type – cash, securities, real estate, personal property, trust, retirement asset, investment account, insurance policy, other.
  • Gift status – intention, notification, in process, in probate, in litigation, partial distribution, full distribution.
  • Asset description.
  • Dates – gift date, notification date, date notified of estate filing, estimated close date.
  • Additional fields - % estate bequeathed, gift known in advance, bequest rejected, confidence level.
Society Support

Bequest Manager supports letter creation and editing, template creation, and letter preview and printing. Assign donors to one or more legacy societies, and generate mail merge communications with those legacy society members. Bequest Manager stewardship features include:

  • Letter template creation and editing.
  • Partial distribution capture and reporting.
  • Predefined probate and collections tasks.
  • Task dashboard with automated task generation.
  • Email notification system for expectancies and bequests in probate.
  • Document storage for intention forms, wills, letters, appraisals (i.e. for real estate or collections), and other documentation.

There’s almost no limit to the reporting capabilities of Bequest Manager. Track bequest gift values over time, calculate present value for individual gifts, and determine average gift amounts based on program statistics. Bequest Manager provides comprehensive reporting, including:

  • Comprehensive summary of each gift.
  • Cash flow report showing likely funding into the future, expressed as net present value or future value.
  • Pipeline report showing anticipated income from closed bequests.
  • Profile of all bequests for each donor.
  • Summary of all bequests for your organization.
  • Statistics for overall bequest program.

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Successful stewardship over the long term necessitates the right combination of process and technology. With Bequest Manager, you get a robust, easy to use database system that keeps you up-to-date on all your bequests

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  • Effortlessly communicate with donors and advisors with ready-made letter templates.
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