Custom Instruction

Learn about PG Calc's flexible training options.

PG Calc offers a variety of options when it comes to customizing our standard training offerings.  

Custom Training Options That Work Best for You

Training in Our Cambridge, MA Office

We can arrange for you and your staff members to visit our offices in Cambridge for training. You can take advantage of our standard seminars, or we’ll work with you to tailor a session to accomplish your goals.

  • The fee for training in our offices is $175 per hour. This fee is hourly, not per person.
  • If we need to develop a custom training manual for your session using custom cases, the charge is $150 per hour to prepare the cases and produce a custom training manual.


On-Site Training in Your Office

Minimize the time you spend away from fundraising activities by having a PG Calc instructor come to your office to train you and your team. We can conduct the training using our standard training manual, or customize the curriculum for your specific needs. Custom training is available for Planned Giving Manager, Bequest Manager, GiftWrap, and related topics.


  • The fee is $2,000 for a full day of training, with a one day minimum. The fee includes as many staff members as you like.
  • The fee to develop custom training materials for your session is $150 per hour.
  • Additional expenses may include transportation, lodging, meals, and other related expenses.

Distance Learning

A combination of technologies allows us to create an interactive learning environment in which we are able to illustrate concepts and respond to questions almost as if we were all in the same room. Distance learning is flexible, convenient, economical, and effective.


  • The fee for distance learning is $175 per hour for one or more students.
  • There is also an $85 setup fee that covers administration and materials for the session.



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