Donor Relations

Your Best Donors Are Hiding In Plain Sight

The most successful development programs identify donors who want to give more – and then show them how to do it! All of our organizations have such donors. Finding these donors is often done through qualifying visits and years of cultivation. The process is time consuming, costly, and somewhat inefficient – but often necessary. Many organizations fail to recognize and act on the opportunities for major and planned gifts from donors who can – and want to - give more. Yet, these donors are hiding in plain sight. Why, then, do so many development programs pay so little attention to these donors?

How to Get Volunteers Talking About Bequests

This document is derived from one we created for a consulting client. In conversations with that client we wanted to ensure that they were augmenting an excellent marketing effort with on-the-ground cultivation and solicitation. To add to the ranks of a bequest society, a planned giving officer often needs volunteers to help, and volunteers are more willing if they are informed enough to be comfortable. The best volunteer solicitors are ones who have made a gift, but there is still a gulf between making a gift and feeling prepared to ask another to do the same.