Everything You Need for Gift Annuities

GAM Anywhere gives you everything you need for every stage of the gift annuity planning process.

  • Introduce gift annuity concepts and benefits in an initial conversation with simple charts, attractive diagrams, and concise gift descriptions written in plain English.
  • As the gift annuity planning progresses, create a gift agreement for whatever state the donor lives in, or compare funding a gift annuity with cash versus appreciated stock.
  • When your donor completes a gift annuity, create documents that substantiate the donor's deduction and summarize the gift. Even create an official gift acknowledgement letter.
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At PG Calc, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with outstanding support.

  • Consult GAM Anywhere's outstanding Help system for a clear and complete explanation of every aspect of GAM Anywhere, as well as for an extensive glossary of planned giving concepts and full text of tax rulings relevant to gift planning.
  • Contact our client support team by phone or email to get the expert guidance you need, whether you have a question about a GAM Anywhere proposal you have created, want to know how to model a particular gift in GAM Anywhere, or have a gift planning question.

GAM Anywhere Features

Here are the highlights of what you can do with GAM Anywhere.

  • Introduce gift annuity concepts and benefits in an initial conversation with simple charts and concise gift descriptions written in plain English.
  • Create presentations for every type of gift annuity: immediate payment, deferred, flexible, and commuted.
  • Calculate deductions and taxation of annuity payments.
  • Analyze the benefits of funding a gift annuity with cash versus long term gain property.
  • Create gift annuity agreements that meet the requirements of all 50 states and DC.
  • Export any GAM Anywhere presentation to Word and edit it as you wish; export to Excel, too.
  • Compare your choice of gift amounts side-by-side.
  • Set custom start-up default values.
  • Produce documents, such as proposal letters, gift descriptions, gift annuity disclosure statements, and IRS discount rate elections, or have PG Calc create a custom document for you.

GAM Anywhere requires an Internet connection and one of the following web browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

GAM Anywhere has been tested on Windows and MacOS, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy tablets. Operability on other tablets is not guaranteed.

GAM Anywhere is not compatible with Internet Explorer. GAM Anywhere has not been fully tested with the Microsoft Edge browser, but some clients have reported success.

GAM Anywhere is available directly from PG Calc only.  It is not available from the Apple Store or any other online store.

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GAM Anywhere Pricing

GAM Anywhere gives you everything you need to explain, analyze, and close every type of gift annuity, and at an affordable price.

The annual service fee includes one year of PG Calc’s industry leading customer support and all software updates released during the service period.

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* The license fee is a one-time fee; the service fee is recurring and is renewable annually.

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