On September 20, 2019, PG Calc announced the latest release of GiftWrap and Bequest Manager, PG Calc's industry-leading planned gift administration platforms.  GiftWrap 4.2.17 and Bequest Manager 1.17 contain a variety of enhancements that further increase the value and utility of PG Calc’s suite of gift administration software. In addition, we continue to enhance GiftWrap/Bequest Manager system security. Most recently, we have added three new security features, Single Sign-On, 2-Factor Authentication, and Secure Key Management, each of which enables organizations to better integrate GiftWrap/Bequest Manager security with local security policy and procedures.

This release focuses on expanded capabilities in the areas of access and security, reporting, and overall usability. New features include: 

  • Expanded encryption of GiftWrap database fields, further enhancing GiftWrap data integrity and security
  • Enhancements to the audit function, which tracks user actions and database changes
  • Even more comprehensive reporting functionality
  • Updating of password encryption routine and functionality

This release also includes a variety of bug fixes, enhancing the stability and reliability of the GiftWrap and Bequest Manager applications.

For more information, call PG Calc Client Services toll free at 888-474-2252.  Learn more about GiftWrap/Bequest Manager.