Meet the highest standards of stewardship with GiftWrap

GiftWrap is widely recognized as the leading gift administration system in the planned giving industry.  Improve your stewardship and reduce your risk by using GiftWrap to help you with all aspects of planned gift administration.

Provide World Class Stewardship

Happy donors are repeat donors. Keep your donors happy by providing them with timely payments, accurate tax information, and ongoing communications. Give your donors confidence that their commitment to your organization and mission will become realized. With GiftWrap, you can:

  • Ensure payments will be made on time, for the correct amount, and sent to the right address
  • Generate accurate 1099 tax return information for your donors at the touch of a button
  • Produce comprehensive and informative reports that will help you maintain good donor relations
  • Track donor interactions and maintain relationship continuity independent of organizational changes

Reduce Your Risk

A planned gift establishes a lifetime relationship with the donor, and brings ongoing obligations. GiftWrap’s powerful calculations, reports, payments, and tax functions enable you to meet financial and compliance requirements professionally and reliably. Reduce program risk and enhance overall planned gift administration with GiftWrap.

  • Calculate gift annuity reserves to satisfy state or custom requirements
  • Perform FASB liability calculations for all major gift vehicles, streamlining an otherwise time consuming task
  • Compute the market value of each gift annuity in a fund, ensuring the accuracy of residuum distributions
  • Be confident that your data is maintained on a state-of-the-art platform that ensures data security and integrity

GiftWrap Is Your Solution!

GiftWrap is widely known as the most complete and well-designed planned gift administration software available. Powerful calculation, reporting, and data management capabilities enable organizations to meet stewardship, financial, and state compliance requirements professionally and flawlessly. GiftWrap enables you to easily perform tasks such as calculating liabilities, predicting gift worth, and maintaining CGA market values. GiftWrap’s accuracy and built-in error checking allow you to provide the timely payments and accurate tax forms your donors expect and deserve.

And GiftWrap is supported by PG Calc’s highly regarded and knowledgeable customer service staff.  

Analysis and Compliance

One of GiftWrap’s core strengths is its sophisticated analytical capability, enabling you to manage your planned giving program with increased confidence. Included among GiftWrap's analytical functions are calculation of FASB liabilities, state reserve amounts, projected remainder amounts, ongoing market values, and overall program statistics. Users that desire a more advanced level of program analysis should learn about GiftWrap’s Advanced Analysis module.


GiftWrap provides a wide selection of easy-to-use reports that facilitate program administration, evaluation, and analysis. These reports are available both for development staff and business officers, and take just seconds to produce. Some GiftWrap reports include the following:

  • Program Overview and Statistics
  • Person and Gift Summaries
  • Market Value Transaction Detail
  • Projected Remainder Amounts
  • Payment Summary

Comprehensive Security

PG Calc ensures the highest standards in security controls and procedures by contracting with one of the nation’s top Web hosting providers, Rackspace, who maintains a sophisticated, high-capacity infrastructure with state of the art monitoring, full data encryption, and advanced virus protection for maximum security. 

GiftWrap’s partitioning of business functions from application administration functions secures your data from unauthorized access. In addition, GiftWrap implements two levels of data encryption, one at the database level, and the second on selected fields like SSN and bank account numbers, to ensure an even higher standard of privacy.

GiftWrap Specifications

GiftWrap 4.0 is a Web-based application, the pages of which are served by an application/Web server and are displayed by a Web browser. GiftWrap 4.0 pages are served over a network, such as the public Internet, or perhaps an internal corporate network. PG Calc makes GiftWrap 4.0 available as a hosted application with pages served securely over the public Internet for those customers who want to relieve themselves of the cost and effort required to run the GiftWrap 4.0 application. GiftWrap 4.0 is also available as an enterprise application for customers who want to manage the application themselves. Whether hosted or enterprise, GiftWrap 4.0 provides the same comprehensive set of planned gift administration tools, calculations and reports.


Current GiftWrap Version

The version of GiftWrap software currently in production on our SaaS platform is version 4.2.18.  

To verify the verion number of GiftWrap, login to the application from your web browser, and the click on the "My Account" link at the top right of the application screen.  To review a complete list of changes made to the current version of GiftWrap, please view the Release Notes by clicking on the "Latest Product Info" link in the top banner of the application screen.


Client Computing Platform

In order to run GiftWrap successfully, you need a client computing environment with the following characteristics:

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit systems, and 2GB for 64-bit systems


Display Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher resolution with 256 colors


Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

The following operating system and browser combinations are supported for operation of GiftWrap and Bequest Manager.


Supported Browsers

Operating System IE11* Firefox 61
and above
Chrome 43
and above

Edge 40
and above

Windows 10


* Make sure Compatibility View is set to "on."

GiftWrap Modules

GiftWrap 4.0 offers a comprehensive set of optional modules that allow you to expand GiftWrap functionality to meet the specific requirements of your organization. Optional modules are priced separately and include the following:

  • Payment and Tax Module
  • Pooled Fund Administration Module
  • Advanced Analysis Module
  • Bequest Manager Module
  • Workflow Module
  • Document Storage Module
  • Enhanced Security Module
  • SSDI Death Screening Module

Each of these modules is described in detail below.

Payment and Tax Module

The GiftWrap Payment & Tax module allows you to produce 1099-R forms and beneficiary payments by check or electronic fund transfer. Use GiftWrap 4.0 to produce checks and electronic funds transfers for income beneficiaries. Alternatively, use GiftWrap to create a file of payment information suitable for uploading into another check writing system or general ledger software. This module includes the ability to write final distribution checks to Remainder Beneficiaries for terminated gifts, which is part of support in GiftWrap for Remainder Beneficiaries at the Org level, PIF level, and Designation level.

Pooled Fund Administration Module

The GiftWrap Pooled Fund Administration Module allows you to perform all of the tasks necessary for complete and efficient administration of charitable pooled income funds, and is designed specifically to address the accounting and processing functions unique to pooled income funds. With this module, you can administer pooled funds with thousands of participants, and the module can be configured to separately administer any number of individual funds. Other functions include unitizing new gifts and allocating year-end tax information.

Advanced Analysis Module

The GiftWrap Advanced Analysis module provides enhanced analysis tools that allow you to project gift remainder amounts, and to provide comprehensive reporting on program trends. The Projected Remainder Amounts report estimates how much each gift included in the report will distribute to your charity and when. The report also displays two present values of these estimated distributions. The Advanced Analysis module also provides a comprehensive view of your planned giving program through a Program Overview and Statistics report. This report is organized by gift type and displays various categories of data.

Bequest Manager Module

Successful bequest programs are becoming ever more crucial to the overall success of charitable organizations. Having the right combination of technology and processes in place will ensure you are maximizing your organization’s ability to steward donors and realize distributions. With the GiftWrap Bequest Manager module, you can manage legacy gifts from intention to realization, successfully manage the probate process, and receive sophisticated reporting and in-depth analysis of your program. The Bequest Manager module is the only purpose-built software that specifically helps you improve and enhance your legacy giving program.

Workflow Module

The GiftWrap Workflow module automates both routine and exceptional tasks that comprise your gift administration program workflow. This module is particularly useful for multi-step tasks completed by multiple people, or tasks that require review and approval. The module also includes a reminder and notification system. This module allows you to replace paper and spreadsheets with centralized resource to track task completions, workflow approvals, and client data.

Document Storage Module

The GiftWrap Document Storage module provides you with a centralized, digital repository for all your annuity contracts, trust documents, and other document types. You can associate stored documents with person, gift, organization, PIF, and charity entities. Person information and gift information screens, which provide access to all of your donor and gift information, have document tabs, enabling you to store and retrieve associated documents directly from those screens. In addition, there is a document search and retrieval utility that allows you to review all stored documents and to manage those documents globally.

Enhanced Security Module

The GiftWrap Enhanced Security module comprises a variety of functions which separately and in the aggregate, enhance the security of the GiftWrap application. While the GiftWrap application incorporates a variety of security features that ensure the integrity and safety of your data, this module provides functions that may be required in order for GiftWrap to conform to third party and internal IT requirements. These functions include Hosting Options, IP Filtering, Enhanced Data Masking, Two-Factor Authentication, Single Sign On (SSO), and Secure Key Management.

Note that Enhanced Security module functions are separately priced, and can be purchased in bundles, or on a stand-alone basis.

SSDI Death Screening Module

PG Calc knows that keeping track of your life income beneficiaries, and also your donors who have left your charity in their wills, is an important part of stewardship and your fiduciary duties. With this in mind, for clients of this module, we run all your names through third party databases, such as the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), every day to ensure that you can promptly reach out to the families of any deceased donors/beneficiaries. Furthermore, we can research addresses, including obtaining contact information for relatives and neighbors, to aid you in finding your missing donors/beneficiaries.

PG Calc Death Screening Service

Avoid the costly mistake of sending payments to your CGA, PIF, or trust recipients after they have passed away.

With our death screening service, PG Calc helps charities like yours stay up-to-date on whether your income beneficiaries are still living or not.

This service helps avoid the situation where an annuitant or beneficiary has passed away but is still receiving payments. It’s both awkward and costly when you don’t have this information as soon as possible.


Trust in PG Calc’s experience

This service is one we have perfected over many years doing this for our Gift Administration clients. Professionals served by our Gift Administration team have come to appreciate, and rely on, the sources of data we provide that inform them of a death and substantiate other sources of information. While further review by your development staff is often still necessary, such as reaching out to families and banks, death reports provide an additional degree of documentation.


Securing your data

We operate this service using the same level of confidentiality we use to host your data in GiftWrap and are further bound by our Written Information Security Plan that governs how we handle all information we have at rest and in transit.



On a weekly basis, the social security numbers in your database are securely run through LexisNexis. When we receive any results for your organization, we send you updates as information is uncovered.



The price for this service is $195 to setup and $250 per year for between 201 and 500 contracts. Call us for pricing for more than 500 contracts. The price would be added to your GiftWrap contract each year from then on as long as you wish to keep the service.



To learn more about PG Calc’s Death Screening Service, contact:

Brian Armstrong

Client Services Advisor


GiftWrap Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m concerned about the responsibility of administering our planned gifts in-house. How can GiftWrap help?
A: GiftWrap can make the complex simple.  GiftWrap's advanced functions enable you to successfully maintain your planned gift program.  With GiftWrap, you can calculate reserves, maintain market values, and project remainder amounts for all the gifts in your portfolio.  In addition, GiftWrap contains many safeguards that help ensure that the data you enter complies with rules for specific gift vehicles. You will also benefit from the depth of experience and expertise of PG Calc staff that are available for client support. It’s the same staff that builds, tests, and uses the application for PG Calc’s gift administration services.  There is no gift administration issue we haven’t faced and addressed.
Q: How does GiftWrap differ from a fundraising database?
A: GiftWrap’s planned gift functionality extends far beyond that of a typical donor database. GiftWrap doesn’t just store data; GiftWrap performs computations crucial to a planned giving program, such as FASB liabilities, gift annuity reserves, and expectancies. Without GiftWrap, reports like these might take days of work with spreadsheets or the services of outside professionals.
Q: Is my data secure on Web-based GiftWrap?
A: Yes, both during the migration process from previous versions of GiftWrap or another database and on an ongoing basis. We have contracted with Rackspace, one of the nation’s top Web hosting providers. They maintain a sophisticated, high-capacity infrastructure with state of the art monitoring, redundant power, comprehensive physical security, continuous availability, and unparalleled support. Rackspace has full SSAE-16 Type II and SOC 3 certification and works with many major financial institutions.

In addition to being hosted in a secure environment, the application has many native security features, including two levels of database encryption and more. Using Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), the entire GiftWrap database is encrypted. In addition, selected fields, including social security numbers and dates of birth, are encrypted a second time, to further ensure data privacy and integrity.

GiftWrap supports both user and role based access control. The resulting two-level access control model allows you to create authorized users whose access to the application and to your data is strictly limited by you. Role and user based access allows you the flexibility to create an access control model that conforms to your workflow and operating policies. Add to that a robust audit trail accessible only to the administrator.

Download the GiftWrap Security FAQ document to learn more about the security safeguards that PG Calc has implemented to protect your data.
Q: How is the performance of GiftWrap?
A: GiftWrap performance is great! GiftWrap was designed and built to provide users with an experience similar to the desktop version of the application. In most instances, GiftWrap performance equals that of the desktop application, while in some instances, including CashTrac, FASB and 1099 Tax Summary reports, GiftWrap performance is better. When running in a hosted environment over the Internet, GiftWrap user interface performance will be similar to that of the desktop application. In some instances, most notably when GiftWrap has to “post back” to the server to obtain and display data, GiftWrap performance is somewhat slower than that of the desktop application, as measured in seconds. We have made every effort possible to minimize the instances in which GiftWrap has to post back to the server. When running over a corporate WAN, GiftWrap performance will consistently equal or exceed that of the desktop application if recommended server and network configurations are in place.

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GiftWrap is an extremely helpful tool... keep an accurate tally of gifts and for reporting purposes. GiftWrap gives us one accurate source rather than the three to four different and varying spreadsheets, plus individual files, I’ve had to dig through to assemble and enter everything. In short, planned giving record keeping was all over the board before GiftWrap!”"


Mike Patterson
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Trinity University





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