On May 29, 2020, PG Calc announced the latest release of GiftWrap and Bequest Manager, PG Calc's industry-leading planned gift administration platforms.  GiftWrap 4.3.0 and Bequest Manager 1.19 contain a variety of enhancements that further increase the value and utility of PG Calc’s suite of gift administration software.

This release focuses on expanded capabilities in the areas of flexible DGA management, reserve calculations, payments, and overall usability. New features include:

  • a Flexible DGA Assistant facilitating the management and election of flexible DGA payments
  • a Flexible DGA Reset feature that sets the first payment date and payout percentage to the nearest future date for flexible DGAs where a payment date has not yet been elected
  • the ability to store reserve rates and apply those rates quarterly where required by state statute
  • the ability to apply a stop payment on a batch of payments via the Payment Snapshots screen
  • a new Distribution Date field for non-bequest gifts for recording the date the remainder was distributed to the organization

This release also includes a variety of bug fixes, enhancing the stability and reliability of the GiftWrap and Bequest Manager applications.

For more information, call PG Calc Client Services toll free at 888-474-2252.  Learn more about GiftWrap/Bequest Manager.