Complying with New York Maximum Annuity Rates

Here’s the problem:
The ACGA, in an April 2021 communication, informed its members that the ACGA suggested maximum payout rates exceed the current maximum payout rates allowed by the State of New York at the typical ages of most gift annuitants. While there are a number of states that regulate gift annuities, New York is the only one that issues its own maximum allowable gift annuity payout rates for its residents. Until recently, the ACGA suggested maximum payout rates have been consistently lower than the New York maximum rates.

What we have determined:  
Our recent analysis revealed that the ACGA rates exceed the maximum New York rates applicable to gift annuities funded in April – June 2021 for females at ages 46 through 91 and for males at ages 46 through 86. That’s pretty much the age group for new gift annuities! Please note, the NY maximum payout rates are published only for 1-life annuities, and they are gender-specific. The state does not currently publish maximum payout rates for 2-life gift annuities, or for any type of deferred gift annuities.