Possible Funding Assets

Gifts of Gold

Many people invest in gold. Their motivations may vary, but the important reality is that your organization likely has numerous supporters with substantial holdings of gold. In many cases, these supporters could make an excellent charitable gift with some or all of their gold. There are, however, several special considerations to be aware of when discussing a gift of gold with a donor.

Endowments Enable Planned Gifts to Cast a Long Shadow

Endowments are a long-term proposition.  Similarly, planned gifts often have a long-term aspect to them in that the wealth being transferred by donors in all likelihood took many years to amass.  Frequently as well, donors want their gifts to have an enduring impact.

All in all, even though planned gifts and endowments are ultimately distinct, planned gifts are generally well-suited for bolstering endowments, and many planned gifts do in fact wind up playing that role.  Furthermore, a planned giving program can provide a “home” for endowment activities.  It is not uncommon for development officers responsible for planned giving also to be charged with directing, or at least assisting, endowment efforts.

Gift Annuities - Year-end Planning and Operations

The responsibility for gift administration may be in-house or the charity may rely on a service provider to meet the many and varied requirements in fulfilling commitments to donors and beneficiaries of charitable gift annuities. Either way, the so-called “buck stops here” rests with the charity. Donors look to the charity to provide timely and accurate stewardship of their gifts no matter who performs the actual work.

This is the time when it all comes together, or should! Between December and early April the administration and reporting requirements peak.